How Does Exercise Affect Insulin Sensitivity?

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Sports And Exercise: The Ultimate Challenge In Blood Sugar Control

by gary scheiner, MS, CDE Sometimes, it amazes me how smart the pancreas really is. It always seems to know what to do to keep blood sugars in range, even under the most challenging circumstances. Having an argument with your partner? It churns out some extra insulin to offset the “fight or flight” response (make that flight only, if you’re smart). Upset stomach keeping you from eating the way you normally eat? Insulin secretion drops off a bit. Can’t resist the aroma of a fresh bagel (something that, in my opinion, was forged by the Diabetes Devil himself)? Pancreas cranks out just enough to cover it. Participation in sports and exercise presents a special challenge. That’s because physical activity can affect blood sugar in multiple ways. With increased activity, muscle cells become much more sensitive to insulin. This enhanced insulin sensitivity may continue for many hours after the exercise is over, depending on the extent of the activity. The more intense and prolonged the activity, the longer and greater the enhancement in insulin sensitivity. With enhanced insulin sensitivity, insulin exerts a greater force than usual. A unit that usually covers 10 grams of carboh Continue reading >>

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  1. farleyv

    I think I forgot to give Goofy his 2 units of insulin this am....ugh. Now we have to be gone all afternoon. He gets 1 unit in the evening.
    Has anyone else forgotten this? I have one other time, and it seems to me when I called the vet, it wasn't a big deal. Goofy has been controlled for quite a few years and has no problems. Same dose all this time.
    Wouldn't you know it would be on Christmas that this happens.
    Any thoughts?

  2. mrsgreenjeens

    Well...seems no one was around yesterday! Do you monitor Goofy's blood sugar? how's it doing, level wise? I guess you're just back on schedule and everything is AOK?

  3. nurseangel

    You did the right thing by not giving the dose at a later time, especially since you are not 100% sure that you missed the dose. In a situation like this, it's best to just wait and give the next scheduled dose as you normally would.

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