How Do I Calculate My Insulin Sensitivity?

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What’s Your Insulin Sensitivity Factor?

Whether you have type 1 or type 2 diabetes, if you’re taking insulin via pump, pen, or syringe, you need to know your “insulin sensitivity factor” or “correction factor.” Without knowing this number, you don’t know how much insulin you need to correct a high blood sugar and risk either going far too low after an injection or simply not going low enough to meet the goal of a healthy blood sugar level. What is an “Insulin Sensitivity Factor”? A ISF (insulin sensitivity factor) is the number of points in your blood sugar by which 1 unit of insulin will reduce your blood sugar. For instance, my ISF is 1:100, which means that if my blood sugar is 200 mg/dL and I want to take a correction dose to bring it down to 125 mg/dL, I would need to take .75 units of insulin. Depending on your level of activity, insulin sensitivity or insulin resistance, your age, your diet, the amount of carbohydrates you consume on a daily basis, and your bodyweight, your ISF could range anywhere from 2 to 200! Children are obviously far more sensitive to insulin than grown adults. Teenagers tend to have higher insulin needs than adults because of growth hormones, and those with type 2 diabetes a Continue reading >>

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  1. dj7110

    Insulin Sensitivity Factor Number

    How do I calculate my insulin sensivity factor number? Mine is currently 22, and I strongly believe it needs to be adjusted, and don't know what equation is used to come up with the IFC number. My dr has been on me to get my sugars in better control before my surgery. And I'm totally stressed out trying to and can't figure out why other than my ISF number I use for my humalog that I was first started on might be a bit off. I've had a rough time of it last few weeks. Don't want to sound like a complainer or anything like that, but due to my circumstances it's important to get my sugars in better control.

  2. dj7110

    my carb ratio is also 10, I agree.. have enough trying to figure up with what to take.. so just giving off last weeks readings of my insulin intake, and carb intake, as well as b/s readings from now on and letting the diabetic center do the calculations for me.. a lot easier.

  3. dj7110

    actually I'm a type 2, which is why I never understood this calibration on this number and why it doesn't seem to work properly for me.. I got ahold of the diabetic center that orriginally configured my way to take my humalog to refigure it and sure enough I'm off from where I am now. My doctor upped my humalog to 55 units a day and the new number i'm using in figuring my humalog is 18. hopefully I will be having beter results now with the increases in my insulin.. I see the surgeon this week for my surgery but it won't be scheduled till after my heart stress test. So hopefully my numbers will be running a lot better by than. Thanx for all the input & help. this place is awesome. David

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