High Fasting Insulin Levels

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Determinants Of High Fasting Insulin And Insulin Resistance Among Overweight/obese Adolescents

Hyperinsulinaemia is the earliest subclinical metabolic abnormality, which precedes insulin resistance in obese children. An investigation was conducted on the potential predictors of fasting insulin and insulin resistance among overweight/obese adolescents in a developing Asian country. A total of 173 overweight/obese (BMI > 85th percentile) multi-ethnic Malaysian adolescents aged 13 were recruited from 23 randomly selected schools in this cross-sectional study. Waist circumference (WC), body fat percentage (BF%), physical fitness score (PFS), fasting glucose and fasting insulin were measured. Insulin resistance was calculated using homeostasis model assessment of insulin resistance (HOMA-IR). Adjusted stepwise multiple regression analysis was performed to predict fasting insulin and HOMA-IR. Covariates included pubertal stage, socioeconomic status, nutritional and physical activity scores. One-third of our adolescents were insulin resistant, with girls having significantly higher fasting insulin and HOMA-IR than boys. Gender, pubertal stage, BMI, WC and BF% had significant, positive moderate correlations with fasting insulin and HOMA-IR while PFS was inversely correlated (p < 0.0 Continue reading >>

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  1. Jennifer72

    Fasting Insulin Level after 12-20 Hour Fast

    Had a fasting insulin blood test done at lab yesterday morning at 8:30 AM. It's the first time I've done it. Was curious. Only cost me like $26 to find out. I already knew I was highly insulin resistant type 2. i.e. I know that 1 unit of regular insulin only covers 2 mg/dL of blood glucose (as a corrective dose).
    I hadn't eaten any solid food before blood test, except for 20 hours earlier. I had coffee about 12 1/2 hours before test.. Nothing after the coffee.
    My Fasting Insulin was 12.9 uIU/ml and my fasting blood glucose was 124 mg/dL. (Normal fasting insulin range is 2.6 to 24.9 according to the blood test sheet).
    My calculated HOMA-IR score is then (12.9*124)/405 = 3.95. A score of 1.0 or less is normal from what I've read -- i.e. not insulin resistant.
    Anyways, since this is the first time I've done this test, I'd appreciate if anyone could chime in and tell me all they can about what I just found out with the test.
    Is there any way to determine how strong my pancreas is with this test? Or should I follow this fasting insulin test with another in a couple days where I drink like 100g of glucose 1 hour before the test? If the fasting insulin level is the same, then my pancreas is doing all it can do when fasting even right?

  2. Nicoletti

    I've never had any type of insulin test and it's never occurred to me to have one. My thought is with the way I eat my blood sugars are decent and that's all I care about.

  3. Jennifer72

    Originally Posted by Nicoletti
    I've never had any type of insulin test and it's never occurred to me to have one. My thought is with the way I eat my blood sugars are decent and that's all I care about. Well I've done everything I can with respect to eating and can't get blood sugar below 110-135 range all day. So I am concerned about it. I am thinking my pancreas might be weakened too much.. but again you've seen the amount of insulin it's putting out. 12.9 .. normal is down to 2.9 .. so I guess it still must be somewhat strong? I'm just highly resistant.

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