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Types Of Insulin And How They Work

Insulin is a hormone the body makes to control the level of glucose (sugar) in the blood. It lowers blood sugar by allowing glucose to leave the bloodstream and enter body cells. Without enough insulin, the level of glucose in the bloodstream can become too high. Everyone needs insulin to use food properly. People without diabetes make enough of their own insulin to keep their blood sugar at healthy levels all the time. People with type 1 diabetes no longer make insulin of their own. Instead, they need to take shots of one or more types of insulin to keep their blood sugars close to normal. Between 75 and 90 percent of people with type 2 diabetes need to take insulin shots to help them get the best control of their blood sugar levels. Deciding How Much Insulin to Take The amount of insulin a person needs depends on: Body weight Percentage of body fat Activity level Diet Other medicines Emotions and stress General health Type of insulin When you first start taking insulin shots, your doctor might ask you to change the amount you take or the time you take it several times. You and your doctor will base these changes on the results of your blood sugar tests. You'll need to make adjust Continue reading >>

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  1. C6H12O6

    How should a twice-daily levemir dose compare to your pump basal. Say you got 24 units of basal a day would you get 24 levemir twice a day, or 12 units twice a day.
    What about if you got 24 lantus once a day how would your twice daily levemir dose compare. (Generally speaking and as a starting point )

  2. Ali

    I think it just is individual. My total basal needs on MDI were not the same as on a pump. The way the insulin was absorbed and the type of insulin used in a pump made it different. My basal needs were very different over 24 hours so I was never a good candidate for MDI basal. But the closest for me would have been (assuming a 20 units total of basal)-just hypothetical- would have been like 14 units in the AM and 6 units in the evening. I frankly would need at least 3 shots of basal on MDI to come close to my true basal needs. It is doable but no sure fire formula is out there in my experience.:cwds:Ali

  3. nebby3

    My dd's dose didn't change much when she went from lantus to levemir. But with either she needed a bit more than on the pump. If you were pumping and got 24u total of basal, I would start with 24u of either lantus or levemir and expect to have to increase it. If splitting levemir, you might start with 12 and 12 or possibly do more in the AM than in the PM.

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