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Pharmacokinetic Properties Of Fast-acting Insulin Aspart Administered In Different Subcutaneous Injection Regions

Go to: Abstract Fast-acting insulin aspart (faster aspart) is insulin aspart set in a new formulation with faster initial absorption after subcutaneous administration. This study investigated the pharmacokinetic properties, including the absolute bioavailability, of faster aspart when administered subcutaneously in the abdomen, upper arm or thigh. In a randomised, open-label, crossover trial, 21 healthy male subjects received a single injection of faster aspart at five dosing visits: 0.2 U/kg subcutaneously in the abdomen, upper arm and thigh, intramuscularly in the thigh and 0.02 U/kg intravenously. Blood sampling for pharmacokinetics was performed pre-dose and frequently thereafter until 12 h post-dose (8 h after intravenous administration). Onset of appearance (~3 min), time to 50% of maximum concentration (t Early 50% Cmax; ~20 min) and time to maximum concentration (t max; ~55 min) were all similar between injection regions. Early exposure within the first 2 h after injection (AUCIAsp,0–1h and AUCIAsp,0–2h) as well as maximum concentration (C max) were comparable for the abdomen and upper arm, but were ~25% lower for the thigh as seen previously for other mealtime insulin Continue reading >>

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  1. HenryisBlaisin'

    So, my old guy was just diagnosed with diabetes. Does anyone else have a diabetic kitty?
    So far, I've gotten the diabetic prescription diet for him and hoping he will eat it! He's generally not picky, though, so I don't see a problem; he'll get his first feeding of it tonight.
    And what kinds of insulin do you use? My vet says there's only one kind that is currently recommended for cats, but it costs $110 for a 10 ML vial. I can't afford that. I'm basically unemployed, and my freelancing isn't paying the bills right now. As it is, the RX food was half my grocery budget for this week and it's only a 5 lb bag. Don't get me wrong, I can eat Ramen and mac and cheese and that's fine, better than my cats or my horse going without, but I'm really hoping there's another type of insulin out there that I can afford to get him; I know the possibility of the food alone working to help him is slim to none.
    Is there anything else you have tried and found to be helpful, especially while we work to get him regulated and happy? He has a great appetite and is very active, acting totally normal; he's just so skinny from the diabetes. I'm glad we know what it is now, but not sure where to go next.

  2. Simkie

    We just talked about some of this right here

  3. HenryisBlaisin'

    Thanks for the link. Maybe it's because I'm tired and stressed out right now, but I don't understand most of the studies etc. in the other thread. Anyone care to put it in plain English?
    Or anyone have any experiences to share? How long did it take to get your cats regulated? How often do you have to test their sugar levels once they are stabilized? Any info that anyone can provide would be so appreciated.
    I feel so low right now. I let my baby down and I don't even feel like I deserve to live.

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