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Pharmacokinetic Properties Of Fast-acting Insulin Aspart Administered In Different Subcutaneous Injection Regions

Go to: Abstract Fast-acting insulin aspart (faster aspart) is insulin aspart set in a new formulation with faster initial absorption after subcutaneous administration. This study investigated the pharmacokinetic properties, including the absolute bioavailability, of faster aspart when administered subcutaneously in the abdomen, upper arm or thigh. In a randomised, open-label, crossover trial, 21 healthy male subjects received a single injection of faster aspart at five dosing visits: 0.2 U/kg subcutaneously in the abdomen, upper arm and thigh, intramuscularly in the thigh and 0.02 U/kg intravenously. Blood sampling for pharmacokinetics was performed pre-dose and frequently thereafter until 12 h post-dose (8 h after intravenous administration). Onset of appearance (~3 min), time to 50% of maximum concentration (t Early 50% Cmax; ~20 min) and time to maximum concentration (t max; ~55 min) were all similar between injection regions. Early exposure within the first 2 h after injection (AUCIAsp,0–1h and AUCIAsp,0–2h) as well as maximum concentration (C max) were comparable for the abdomen and upper arm, but were ~25% lower for the thigh as seen previously for other mealtime insulin Continue reading >>

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Popular Questions

  1. 2167Phillip

    First time insulin user

    I am taking 12 units of Lantus solo star insulin and my blood sugar is still in the high 300's how much do I have to take for it to come down!

  2. MoeGig

    Lantus is a long acting insulin and is usually prescribed with Humalog, a fast acting insulin. The only way I can get along on Lantus alone is if I have no carbs at all—like when I'm on a diet to lose weight. Only Type 2 diabetics can usually get along with only Lantus. Oh, sorry, you are Type 2.

  3. old biker

    Hi Philip
    I have been on Lantus for tw0 years and it has worked great for me. My Dr who is also a diabetic on insulin gave me the same starting instructions as you. Start at 10 units and increase by 2 units every other day till my numbers come down to 120 my BS was close to 400 when I started.. It took me months combined with diet and exercise to get my numbers down to where I wanted them. If you go to www.launtuspro.com they have a dosage starting calculator. You enter your weight and it gives you a starting point.
    Do not be surprised if the recommend a higher starting point then your Dr. My Dr recommended starting at 10 they recommended starting at 22 based on my weight..Please before you make any changes discuss this with your Dr…Good luck and hang in there

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