Exercise Insulin Sensitivity

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Exercise And Insulin Resistance In Youth: A Meta-analysis

Abstract BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES: The prevalence of obesity and diabetes is increasing among children, adolescents, and adults. Although estimates of the efficacy of exercise training on fasting insulin and insulin resistance have been provided, for adults similar estimates have not been provided for youth. This systematic review and meta-analysis provides a quantitative estimate of the effectiveness of exercise training on fasting insulin and insulin resistance in children and adolescents. METHODS: Potential sources were limited to peer-reviewed articles published before June 25, 2013, and gathered from the PubMed, SPORTDiscus, Physical Education Index, and Web of Science online databases. Analysis was limited to randomized controlled trials by using combinations of the terms adolescent, child, pediatric, youth, exercise training, physical activity, diabetes, insulin, randomized trial, and randomized controlled trial. The authors assessed 546 sources, of which 4.4% (24 studies) were eligible for inclusion. Thirty-two effects were used to estimate the effect of exercise training on fasting insulin, with 15 effects measuring the effect on insulin resistance. Estimated effects were Continue reading >>

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  1. 2Sox

    Insulin syringes for Testosterone - What size is best?

    Will be injecting Test C, sub Q, with insulin syringes. I've got plenty of 29 gauge, 1/2, 1cc that I use for my hCG . Crisler recommends a slightly larger gauge - 25 gauge. He explains on his You Tube that injecting with too thin a needle - too small a gauge - can damage tissue. What do you use? What has been your experience?

  2. keep fightin

    over a year of pinning SQ with that needle, gotta catch that vid, am not aware of any tissue destruction, quite the opposite actually. I use the the 31 gauge 5/16 for HCG , hope I'm not destroying even more tissue!

  3. FRDave

    I use 26ga for test with no issues and 30ga for HCG .

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