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Blood Donation & Insulin Usage??

Registration is fast, simple and absolutely free so please,join our community todayto contribute and support the site. This topic is now archived and is closed to further replies. I am type 2.. I've been on Lantus insulin for years. Now up to 65units per night. Doc started me last month on Novolog Flex Pen on a sliding scale for meals. I am scheduled to donate blood this Friday at work. Can I still donate if I am on Novolog? (ie, is it a "bovine" insulin??) I know they have always told me I was okay for dontation with the Lantus. I've used Novolog and have donated blood before .... I try to donate my blood when I was young. I finished up almost in hospital. I do not remember what really happened, it was long time ago, but I was told never do it again. I used donated blood a few times. I am so grateful to people who donate blood, they safe lives. As I do remember in Russia they took blood even when person had some problems with health. They used this blood to make some treatments which based on blood. Sorry, it is nor relevant to your question, and I cannot answer to your question, but good luck and thanks. I tried to donate blood a few years ago, told I wasn't able to because I to Continue reading >>

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  1. gishstar

    Our cat was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. my husband and I haven't been very good lately with giving her her shot. Normally, we're really good, but there's been a night where he forgot, and then I forgot two mornings in a row.
    Today, our little Zoey is lying next to the toilet in the bathroom (not normal for her), not drinking, she's dehydrated, and she looks super sick.
    Is she experiencing hypoglycemia??
    We gave her her normal shot at 6PM tonight,we missed her 6 AM shot.
    If I give her some syrup, will she be OK? She's diabetic because she's producing too much sugar in her system and her pancreas can't handle it. I don't want to give her sugar and find out that I shouldn't have.

  2. LynnLee + Mousie

    without being able to get a glucose number via testing, it's hard to say if it's hypo or not. the symptoms don't sound too much like hypo but i am not there and able to actually see kitty.
    you are not testing right? any chance you could take a crash course in it tonight? in other words, is there a store closeby that you could go to and get a glucose meter?
    also, fwiw, it could be something like ketones too. can you smell her breath? does it smell at all like acetone? fingernail polish remover?
    and one last thing, when you say her normal dose, what is her dose? and what kind of insulin?

  3. gishstar

    She's really dehydrated, whereas normally she drinks like water is going out of style. When I hold the scruff of her neck it takes a few seconds for her skin to return to normal.
    We are not doing any testing. Vet said it wasn't necessary. However, my husband and I are pharmacy technicians, and work a lot with human diabetics (mostly type 2), so we are considering purchasing a glucometer and strips, but strips can be very pricey.
    Her breath does not smell like acetone at all. She kind of stinks though, not a normal cat stink. Not urine, but maybe more like poop... But her acetone breath was very obvious when we first diagnosed her with diabetes though.
    Her normal dose is 4 units BID. She gets 4 units at 6am and 4 units at 6pm, fairly standard from all the reading I've done.
    Her insulin is ProZinc (protamine zinc recombinant human insulin) in an aqueous suspension. 40 units per mL.

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