Does Type 2 Diabetes Require Insulin

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What Is Insulin And Why Do Some Diabetics Need To Take It?

Question: What is insulin and why do some diabetics need to take it? Answer: Insulin is a hormone. It's made by certain cells in the pancreas, which are called the beta cells of the pancreas, and the beta cells from the pancreas are part of these little islets called the Islets of Langerhans. That's where insulin normally comes from, and in type 2 diabetes there is always some insulin coming out from those beta cells; in type 1 diabetes, you tend to lose the beta cells and make no insulin. Since 1921 or so, though, insulin has been available as a pharmacologic approach, so you can take insulin by injection, and you can replace what's not being made in the pancreas. Who needs insulin? Well, it really is two situations. First of all, in type 1 diabetes, insulin is always necessary because the beta cells in the pancreas are not making any insulin. So, people with type 1 or juvenile onset diabetes always need insulin injections. In type 2 diabetes, you may also need insulin if your pancreas has sort of worn out to the point that it's not making anywhere near enough insulin, and you do need insulin injections. Type 2 diabetes often can be treated by different pills that might improve th Continue reading >>

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  1. deanmass

    A blog post I wrote asking the question...Why the hell are insulin pumps so expensive? It may be rhetorical, but, food for thought.

  2. gunak87

    One perspective is that they don't just sell you a little computer with a motor in it. I have experience with Medtronic. If it breaks for whatever reason, they'll get me a replacement the next day.
    They also have a ton of other costs wrapped up in R&D and training. There's zero room for buggy firmware on an insulin pump. That's difficult and costly to accomplish. When I got my pump I had a training rep come to my house and stay in contact with me for any questions I had. Pretty sure I didn't pay her directly.
    Then there's the need for lawyers because shit happens and something will go wrong along the way.
    That being said, costs will continue to fall. There's only so many useful features that can be packed into a pump. Pumps work really well now so improvements are mostly incremental.
    Oh, and profits. Gotta make some profits.

  3. ABLA7

    That being said, costs will continue to fall. There's only so many useful features that can be packed into a pump. Pumps work really well now so improvements are mostly incremental.
    Until they start working based on feedback from a CGM ;)

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