Does Lantus Cause Weight Gain

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Counseling Patients On How To Avoid Weight Gain From Insulin

A lot of people with type 2 diabetes delay going on insulin for as long as possible because they’ve heard horror stories about how much weight it can make them gain (or maybe they just don’t like shots), but people with type 1 don’t have a choice. While it is true that insulin treatment is often associated with weight gain and more frequent bouts of hypoglycemia (low blood sugar), the real question is, why? Some theories to explain insulin-induced weight gain are that when using insulin, your blood sugar is (usually) better controlled and you stop losing some of your calories (as glucose in your urine when your blood sugars exceed your urinary threshold) and that you may gain weight from having to eat extra to treat any low blood sugars caused by insulin. If you’re taking oral medications to lower your blood sugar and they are not working, however, insulin may be your main option for better control. A few research studies have looked at whether weight gain is simply a result of eating more when you’re on insulin. One such study found that weight gain was not due to an increase in food intake, but rather that your body may increase its efficiency in using glucose and other Continue reading >>

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  1. raya11

    Lantus and weight change

    I know a lot of people experience weight gain when they go on insulin. About how long does it take for this phenomena to manifest if it is going to?
    I've been on Lantus almost a month now and have lost a little weight if anything. (Probably due to me keeping better track of what I'm eating).

  2. jim55

    Yes you can gain weight using lantus, but there is no phenomena envolved. Lantus can make you hungry so you over eat and gain weight. If you don't over eat while on lantus, you won't gain weight!

  3. User2013

    I've been on Lantus and Humalog for going on 5 years and weigh the same as I did 5 years ago. I don't think insulin has had anything to do with my appetite. I limit my carbs and the type of carbs and my portion sizes. One of things you can't do while on insulin is eat anything you want to and think the insulin will cover it. When you start doing that your insulin needs increase and so does your weight.

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