Do Insulin Shots Hurt Gestational Diabetes

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Gestational Diabetes: Giving Yourself Insulin Shots

If you have gestational diabetes and you have not been able to keep your blood sugar levels within a target range, you may need insulin shots. Taking insulin can help prevent high blood sugar. High blood sugar can lead to problems for you and your baby. Insulin is given as a shot into the fatty tissue just under the skin. In pregnant women, insulin usually is given in the upper arm or thigh. Make sure that you: Have the right dose of insulin, especially if you are giving two types of insulin in the same syringe. Practice how to give your shot. Store the insulin properly so that each dose will work well. Your doctor or certified diabetes educator (CDE) will help you learn to prepare and give yourself insulin shots. Here are some simple steps to help you learn how to do it. Get ready To get ready to give an insulin shot, follow these steps: Wash your hands with soap and running water. Dry them thoroughly. Gather your supplies. Most people keep their supplies in a bag or kit so they can carry the supplies with them wherever they go. You will need an insulin syringe , your bottle of insulin, and an alcohol wipe or a cotton ball dipped in alcohol. If you are using an insulin pen, you wi Continue reading >>

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  1. eldender

    I just started on insulin yesterday. The nurse told me to do it on the side of my stomach. I did it for the first time, and got a decent sugar reading (6.3) 1 hr after eating. I found I had issues getting the 90 degree angle and also am not a fan of injecting into my stomach when pregnant. I am almost 27 weeks, so I expect it'll only get tighter in that area.
    I used my thigh last night for dinner, bedtime and again this morning. It seems to hurt a bit more (not a big deal) but most importantly, my readings aren't as good! My dinner was borderline (7.8 ), waking was too high (5.8, needs to be under 5.3) and after breakfast was just 9.8....yikes!
    Any advice? Could I be putting it in wrong and not absorbing it or something?

  2. catherinecherub

    I'll bump this post up so that it can be seen. Hopefully a Type 1 will answer.

  3. eldender

    This sure is a slow section of the forum! If anyone can suggest another forum with more regular users with gestataiona diabetes I'd really appreciate it!

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