Do Insulin Pens Come With Needles

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Grudge Match: Pens Vs. Syringes

Taking insulin is a cornerstone of care for millions who have diabetes, and the most common method of insulin delivery in the U.S. is injection via needle and syringe. Roughly 20% of insulin users wear an insulin pump, 15% use insulin pens, and less than 1% use jet injectors. Insulin pumps can be expensive, with the average price hovering around $6,500, not including the disposable supplies that have to be replenished regularly, such as infusion sets, cartridges, and batteries. Although jet injectors may seem like a dream come true for patients who fear needles, they have been known to cause bruising and more pain than injections. The big question is why insulin pens are not more popular in the U.S., whereas in Europe and Japan, they comprise from 66% to 75% of insulin prescriptions. It’s not for lack of patient appreciation: In the November 2011 issue of the Journal of Diabetes Science and Technology, a review of 43 studies that compared patient- reported outcomes for insulin pen devices found that patients preferred pens over vial and syringe for myriad reasons, including ease of use, less pain, and greater perceived social acceptance. Indeed, patients are generally receptive t Continue reading >>

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  1. EJMac

    Using the insulin pen needles more than once.

    I am recently on disability and now on medicare too. Having trouble getting the supplies that I need for each month, IE I ordered my insulin pens and they gave me one pen for $45.00 which only had enough for 18days (actually with the wasted amounts to clear the needles, it was only 16 days worth. I did finally get what I needed because she put some special vacation status so I could get my usual box of 5 pens. I unfortunately need to give shots 5 times a day so i need 150 needles a month. Ordered a month friom the pharmacy and they gave me a box (sold me) a box with 100. I use 150 for a month.
    They say they cannppt give me more than one month at a time and can't break a box. I was using the BD pen needles. I decided to try a box of 50
    of the Walmart brand (Rely On) so I could use the needles one time each. OUch the Walmart brand pen needles hurt alot. I don't even feel the BD brand and I do it 5 times a day. MY QUESTION IS have any of you used the BD pen needles more than once. I',m afraid that it might contaminate the insulin. I was wondering if I put the used pen needle in a baggie in the am, if I could use it again at the night time dose of the same insulin. I won't be using the Rely On brand-it really does hurt too much for 5 a times a day. Please let me know if you have used yours more than once (same insulin) without any problems.

  2. Bob2830

    This is what I use almost no pain and sometimes no pain at all

  3. Bob2830

    This is what I use, almost no pain
    Strips OneTouch UltraSoft
    PenNeedles NovoFine Plus 32G or Nano 32Gx4mm

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