Do Insulin Pens Come With Needles

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Learning About Insulin Pens

An insulin pen is a device for giving insulin shots. It looks like a pen. Inside the pen is a needle and a cartridge filled with insulin. You can set the dose of insulin with a dial on the outside of the pen. You use the pen to give the insulin shot (injection). Both disposable and reusable insulin pens are available. With a disposable pen, a set amount of insulin comes in the pen ready to use. When the insulin is used up, you throw the pen away. You use a new pen the next time you need insulin. With a reusable pen, you don't throw the pen away. Instead, you reload the pen with a pre-measured cartridge of insulin. When the insulin is used up, you insert a new cartridge into the pen. Disposable and reusable pens both need a new needle with each shot. The needles come in different lengths and widths. Shorter needles will prevent injecting into the muscle, especially in children or people who are lean. Thinner-width needles reduce the pricking sensation. Width is measured by gauge. The higher the number, the thinner the needle. Why do some people prefer pens? Most people find that insulin pens are easier to use than a bottle and syringe. Many people feel less pain (or no pain) with th Continue reading >>

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  1. raya11

    Insulin Pen vs Syringe

    Other than the cost differential between insulin pens and the traditional vial and syringe, I was wondering what reasons those who prefer the syringe have for that preference.
    I'm using a pen for Lantus and Humalog and find that it is a very convenient way to go (and my insurance covers the pen's cost pretty well).
    I recall some post's on this forum where some have expressed a definite preference for syringes and I was just currious what the reasons may be.

  2. furball64801

    Only reason I had to go back on syringes was the cost, for me I have 10 boxes of syringes and the cost for pens is very high compared to vials for me.

  3. chatt

    I use humalog mix 25 in a pen have never used syringes I don't think they can be prescribed in UK but recently we were all changed from 8mm needles onto 5mm or even 4mm I don't really know why but it supposed to be better? Cost is not a factor for us.

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