Diabetic Pump Pros And Cons

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Medtronic Minimed 530g Insulin Pump With Cgm - Review

Longtime type 1 Travis Fuger reviews the Medtronic Minimed 530G system, including an advanced insulin pump and continuous glucose monitor (CGM). REVIEWER'S BREAKDOWN - PROs: the CCM sensor interacts with the insulin pump directly instead of another gadget, meaning you have less stuff to carry around the Enlite sensor is small and discreet, making it easy to wear on a day to day basis "Threshold Suspend" technology is the first of its kind and helps prevent overnight and activity lows Medtronic's CareLink software helps break down pump data, so the patient or caregiver can be more hands-on and knowledgeable about blood sugar trends and medication effectiveness CONs: the CGM and pump are inseparable, so the CGM cannot be used without the pump less accurate than other CGMs on the market calibrating can be difficult and prone to error (readings can be 40-100 points off) and in order to recalibrate the sensor you have to start the sensor as new Enlite sensor requires a lot of medical tape to keep it from being affected by movement, which can cause skin irritation CareLink software takes longer to update for Apple products Tell us what you think. RELATED COMMUNITY LINKS: Continue reading >>

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  1. James Whitener

    Pros: good
    Cons: none
    Overall: good By James Whitener

  2. Harry1946

    My experience has been very good with the system. I haven't had any issues with the Monitor or the Pump!

  3. rontexas2

    Overall: I have had my pump for nearly three years. It failed once during that period and it was quickly replaced with overnight UPS shipment while I did the needle backup process for a day. The food database is nice but after awhile your carb counting for dosage is second nature to you and the database is seldom used. As with all pumps, timing of bolus injections is critical to maximum benefit and having gained personal knowledge and experience as to how to determine ratios and setting up correct levels by several days of closely monitor blood sugars and insulin dosage.

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