Diabetic Pump Pros And Cons

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Insulin Pump Therapy Pros And Cons

Before I embarked on my journey, with an insulin pump, I had been on multiple daily injections (MDI) for almost 15 years. It wasn’t until I began to learn about insulin pump therapy that I truly grasped how different the two were. With MDI, I feel less training was given in order for me to manage my diabetes. I didn’t learn how to carb count or even have an understanding of what insulin sensitivity was. The main focus of my diabetes management was to administer my insulin (my doses were worked out by the doctor and diabetes nurse, based on my blood glucose readings) when I needed to take it and checking my blood glucose levels. It was only with insulin pump therapy that I began to have a better understanding of my diabetes management. I had to undergo a process of training before I was given free reign with my pump. I had to learn how the pump worked and in doing so, I had to develop my understanding of carb counting, insulin to carb ratios, insulin sensitivity, and basal rates. All of which, I have, to be honest, I had no idea what it even meant. I think this is because the nutrition and diabetes management were explained primarily to my mother but this information was very ba Continue reading >>

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    I’m interested and seeing what insulin pump does everyone use and why? Currently I use the Omnipod and seeing what others recommend? Pros and Cons of each?
    Pros of Omnipod: No tubing, Waterproof, Easy to use
    Cons of Omnipod: Technical issues at times or bent cannula

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