Diabetic Dog Symptoms Of Too Much Insulin

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What Causes Diabetes In Dogs? The Signs, Symptoms And What To Do About It

Did you know one out of every 300 dogs is diagnosed with diabetes? Especially in senior and middle aged dogs, diabetes is becoming frighteningly common in dogs today. Once your dog gets diabetes, he will most likely need insulin for the rest of his life. So it’s really important to do everything you can to prevent your dog from becoming diabetic. There are many things that can contribute to the risk of your dog getting diabetes … but the good news is, there are also lots of things you can do to help prevent it and minimize the risk. So we called on an expert to tell us how to do that. At Raw Roundup 2017, Dr Jean Hofve gave a talk on canine diabetes and its connection to diet and environmental factors and the best ways to prevent it. But first, what is diabetes and what’s the difference between the two types of the disease? What Is Diabetes? Diabetes is all about glucose and how the body handles it. All cells use glucose as their primary source of energy. The pancreas produces the hormones that control glucose … primarily insulin and glucagon. The pancreas is mostly made up of tissue that secretes digestive enzymes … but about 5% of the pancreas is made up of beta cells t Continue reading >>

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  1. Puglover2

    Hi Everyone,
    My pug was diagnosed in March with diabetes. He's been pretty in control for the most part getting 7 to 7 1/2 U of Humulin 2x a day.
    Recently we have had to increase his insulin based on his BS being higher.
    Last night we gave him 81/2U because he was reading over 300 and this morning I gave him 8U.
    Tonight his BS was 48 so I fed him and only gave him 7U. (Not knowing that I shouldn't have given him any??)
    I checked him 3 hours later and his sugar was still only 49 so I gave him a snack and an hour later he is still only showing 51. I then gave him a little more food. He seems to be acting fine...
    Should I give him some glucose sugar on his gums?
    Any suggestions would be so appreciated.

  2. k9diabetes

    I would give some syrup or honey, yes. You want to get the blood sugar back on the rise so you know it won't drop even further.
    Food takes a while to digest and without syrup, the blood sugar can still drop faster than the food can be digested and used. Syrup is absorbed directly so no digestion time.
    If you find yourself in this spot again, start with the syrup and then follow with food to take over once the syrup is gone.
    It's good that he's holding steady so far.

  3. Puglover2

    Thank you Natalie...
    This is definitely a learning process as I go. Should I just rub the glucose syrup on his gums since I did feed him a lot? Or just squirt some in?
    At this point should I worry about it spiking... or just get it under control?
    Also, how soon should I check him again after the sugar?
    Thanks again!
    Well... I just squirted some in on the side and I'm going to check his BS again in 1/2 hour. Thank you again! *fingers crossed*

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