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  1. spaceford

    Where does all that insulin go?

    Hi there, I am Type 1 diabetic - since 1999, diagnosed at 30 years old. Originally, I was advised to use 2 injections a day of NovoMix 30 Penfill a day. 20 units in the morning and 10 units at night (I'm UK based). I don't know the technical terms for this, but it says on the box 30% soluble insulin and 70% insulin crystallised with protamine. So, basically it's a basal and immediate release mix, I guess.
    When I hear about others' incredibly complex life balancing their sugar levels, I have to admit, I think I have a milder form of Type 1. My levels are pretty constant and I don't suffer hypos, I get good warning signs if I'm low and although sometimes my levels are high in the morning, my overall three-month averages are spot on.
    I did find that 2 injections a day just wasn't cutting it though. My levels would be too high by late afternoon, so I took to taking a bonus injection before lunch. I'm now on 10 units 3 times a day. I know some might advise not to increase number of injections without changing the type of insulin, but this works for me and I've had no ill-effects.
    So what's my question? Well, I've started an exercise regime which can be pretty rigorous and that means that my sugar levels do shoot up during and after the exercise because my body is releasing glycogen. To counter this, I have to inject yet again before the exercise.
    Now, although I'm not really overweight, we now know that weight gain in non-diabetics is caused by excess insulin production due to excess carb or sugar consumption. Is it good then, that I - or we diabetics - keep pumping loads of insulin into ourselves? Even if it does not cause us to have hypos, where is it actually going, what is it doing? If there is not excessive carbs to be processed into energy or fat, is it just expelled by the body? Or is it causing us to keep/gain weight even if we're eating well?
    Am I making sense here?! How can we know that we are approximately matching the same amount of insulin that a non-diabetic would naturally produce under the same circumstances of diet and exercise?

  2. Nan OH

    I'm a T2 but use insulin. I understand your question but I don't think there is a real answer to it. There may be studies done that show what happens with a non-diabetic but I suspect it varies with them as well.
    Insulin Resistance can cause us to misuse our insulin and gain weight but medications like Metformin helps with that. I hope Mark M responds to your thread - he is a whiz on this chemistry stuff and explains things really well.

  3. gap2368

    I think that if you have too much insulin in your body then your body will try to use it and you will go low. maybe your body is saying oh I have to much insulin I need to release glucagon ( I think that is the hormone I am looking for.)

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