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Popular Questions

  1. sofaraway

    cost of insulin etc UK

    So i'm on a night shift here, pretty bored!
    I have always felt grateful that I don't have to pay (directly) for my insulin etc. like you guys in the US, I thought I'd see how much my supplies actually cost to the NHS.
    lantus- 5x 3ml cartridges = £39.00
    Novorapid- 5x 3ml cartridges = £29.45
    Autopen 24 = £14.95
    Novopen 3 = £24.06
    Lancets 200 = £6.63
    Novofine pentips 100 = £8.57
    Medisence optimum plus test strips 50 = £15.87
    I wouldn't be ordering this every month, although I do order 200 test strips at a time.
    I I had to pay for this I wouldn't be testing as often for sure.

  2. april

    Yes, I am very grateful for not having to pay directly, although my husband sure pays enough tax here in the UK. However - try getting a pump!

  3. Lois

    Sofar, here in the US it depends on what type of health insurance you have as to how much you pay for insulin and supplies. For me, I don't have to pay that much. I order 1,600 test strips at a time and only pay $16 for them. For 4 months of pump supplies I only pay $160. The insulin cost a bit more because I am on the Apidra, but I don't mind paying the additional cost.

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