Can Insulin Pumps Be X Rayed?

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5/1/2013 Airport Scanners And Insulin Pumps A Cautionary Report

If you are planning to fly and you have an insulin pump, you may want to consider the case of a New York City man who has had type 1 diabetes for over 40 years. He loves to travel, and his diabetes has never stopped him, especially now that he’s retired and plans to see the world. But recently, on a trip overseas, something unusual happened to him even before the flight took off. By the time he landed, his blood sugar (generally well regulated) had soared out of control. For a week he worked with his doctors back home and even consulted with a local physician—but just as he seemed to stabilize, the man went into diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA) and had to be hospitalized. The problem? His insulin pump. No one can say for certain what went wrong, but his doctors at the Naomi Berrie Diabetes Center and the manufacturers of his insulin pump (who replaced it immediately once the man was back in the US) believe that the pump quietly malfunctioned when it went through airport security scanners. While they cannot say why, most of the insulin pump manufacturers believe that every now and then, without any indication or alarms going off, the delivery system of an insulin pump will stop worki Continue reading >>

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  1. Jackie100

    Have to have x-ray on my shoulder at hospital do i have to remove my pump for this ?

  2. catherinecherub

    Jackie100 said: ↑
    Have to have x-ray on my shoulder at hospital do i have to remove my pump for this ? I'll bump your post up for reply from pump users.
    Found this,
    Each insulin pump indicated above should not be exposed to very strong electromagnetic fields, such as MRIs, RF welders, or magnets used to pick up automobiles. Very strong magnetic fields, such as that associated with MRI, can “magnetize” the portion of the insulin pump’s motor that regulates insulin delivery and, thus, damage the device.
    For the patient: If you plan to undergo an MRI, remove the insulin pump beforehand and keep it outside of the MR system room during the procedure.
    If the pump is accidentally allowed into the MR system room, disconnect the pump immediately and contact Animas Pump Support for important instructions.
    Precautions: If you are going to have diagnostic or surgical procedures that expose you to X-ray, CT scan, MRI or any other type of radiation therapy, may need to remove your insulin pump (and meter-remote), and place them outside of the treatment area. For specific procedure information please refer to the instructions for use that accompanied your insulin pump. Consult your healthcare professional for direction in maintaining your blood glucose levels during these type of procedures.
    For the Healthcare Professional: Do not bring the insulin pump into the MR system at any time. If the pump is accidentally allowed into the MR system room, disconnect the pump immediately and contact Animas Pump Support for important instructions.
    Cozmo Pump, Infusion Pump, Smiths Medical
    According to the User Manual for the Cozmo Pump which is a device used to administer insulin, the following is stated regarding Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI):
    Caution: Avoid strong electromagnetic fields, like those present with Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) and direct x-ray, as they can affect how the pump works. If you cannot avoid them, you must take the pump off.

  3. CarbsRok

    Jackie100 said: ↑
    Have to have x-ray on my shoulder at hospital do i have to remove my pump for this ? Yes you do need to remove your pump and keep it out of the X-ray room.
    Info can be found in your pump manual.

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