Can Insulin Make You Lose Weight

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Why Did I Gain Weight When I Started Taking Insulin?

There are several factors at work to lead you to believe that insulin is "to blame" for your weight gain. People who have poorly controlled diabetes also sometimes experience weight loss because their bodies are unable to properly convert food into energy. This is because they either are not producing enough insulin or their bodies are unable to use the insulin they produce properly. This food winds up as excess glucose circulating in the blood (resulting in high blood glucose!). Ultimately the body can't use all that extra glucose circulating in the blood and so it is eliminated in the urine. When your blood glucose runs high, you can become dehydrated as your body works to clear itself of all that excess glucose — which makes you think you've lost weight, but you've only lost water. Then, when you start taking insulin and get your blood glucose under better control, you start over-retaining fluids initially to make up for your dehydration, which makes you think you've rapidly gained a lot of weight. You associate it with taking insulin, but really what is happening is taking your insulin properly is just enabling your body to better use food and maintain a proper water balance. Continue reading >>

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  1. Fluffy Duck

    Hi I am a female with Type 2 Diabetes and Insulin Dependent. Can I ask do others find it hard to lose weight? Any suggestions would be helpful? Thanks

  2. Guzzler

    Hello and welcome to the forum. I know that some T2s on insulin have managed to lose some weight and even lower the amount of insulin they have to take but I am not insulin medicated so while you wait for some advice on this I shall tag @daisy1 who will swing by and give you some really good information that she offers to all new members. Good luck.

  3. rob1957

    I am T2, insulin dependent too, and yes, its hard to lose weight. One big thing that did not help is I was not told insulin often helps you to GAIN weight. Its still possible though - I am currently on a low carb diet, more exercise, no beer, and dropped 4kgs in 2 weeks. I have just got back down to the top end of 'normal' BMI' as a result. I am doing all this to try to lower the insulin I need. Love to get off it altogether but not likely with a very string family history of T2.

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