Basal Lantus Insulin

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Popular Questions

  1. Jill-O

    Hi, folks --
    I use a Novolog 70/30 Flex pen and was taught to do a 2 unit (cc?) air shot before each dose. I've been doing this.
    If my prescibed amount goes up just a teeny bit more, I will need more than 5 pens a month when I factor in the air shots.
    It's dawned on me that I can see the plunger move as I give myself the shots (am & pm). I'd see if it was somehow pouring out the side of the syringe so only place it would go w/o me seeing is in me.
    My question is, how many of you that use pens do an air shot before each shot? I'm wondering if it is reasonably okay to only do it the first time you start using that pen?

  2. Penny

    I do not do the air shots....I use almost 2 pens a week, and hate the waste. When the plunger will not go down any further, there is still close to 20 units left in the vial. I have been using my nighttime Lantus syringe and taking it out to inject that way......just too much waste for me, not to.

  3. owlyn

    You must do the air shot or you may not get the correct dose (you may get too little). Think about it- there is air in the needle tip that must be cleared, plus there may be some in a bubble near the top of the cartridge.

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