Basal Insulin Definition

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Hypoglycemia In Patients Newly-initiated On Basal Insulin: Impact On Treatment Discontinuation

Abstract: Hypoglycemia and fear of hypoglycemia remain major barriers to persistence with insulin therapy. This retrospective cohort study of electronic medical record (EMR) data examined if patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM) who experience hypoglycemia soon after insulin initiation are at a greater risk of insulin discontinuation. The Predictive Health Intelligence diabetes dataset integrates anonymous de-identified EMR patient level data from 20 Integrated Delivery Networks with > 325 hospitals and 300,000 providers (including some of the largest integrated delivery networks in the US), and was used to identify adult patients with T2DM who initiated basal insulin therapy (defined as having no prescription of basal insulin ≥ 12 months before initiating insulin glargine, insulin detemir, or NPH insulin) between January 2008 and March 2013. Hypoglycemic events were identified by health care encounters with ICD-9-CM diagnosis codes for hypoglycemia, or blood glucose values ≤ 70 mg/dL during the first 6 months of basal insulin use. Discontinuation was defined as a gap of > 45 days in insulin prescription coverage. A baseline was established using 12-month patient-level Continue reading >>

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  1. mjclay

    What is basal? Temp basal?

    I am a newbie and feel lost when reading many of the posts. There are terms I do not understand at all--like basal. I don't know what you are talking about--but you all certainly seem to understand. I am working very hard to eat right, check blood often, etc. I feel like I am walking down a street that is getting darker and darker--with a blind corner just ahead! Right now, I am trying to eat enough to keep my bg level high enough. I do not eat potatoes, white bread, rice, or anything with sugar. I am working to stay on a low carb diet, but doing that and gaining back the weight I've lost is almost impossible. I appreciate the patience of you guys and the information you share. I feel like a first grader among college grads!!

  2. Becky Boo

    I know how you feel! When I was first on here I felt like I had been dropped into a finals test in a college science class ~ without ever going to the classes!!! It was so confusing.
    Basal is a term insulin users use. I'm not on insulin, and don't remember which one it is. There's long acting insulin taken at the same time or times every day. I THINK that's the basal.
    Theres a fast acting insulin taken with meals. I THINK that's the bolus.
    THINK. I pay some attention to what people say about their insulin use because I know I may be there some day, but at this point it's more academic than practical for me.
    Keep on reading, you'll feel better.

  3. Stump86

    Basal insulin is the insulin used to counteract the basal glucose secretion of the liver. A definition of basal might be background or baseline. So that insulin is used to counteract the rises that occur in your BG all day long just to fuel your cells. The counterpoint to basal is bolus, which is insulin given in response to carbs eaten.
    A temporary basal is a pump thing. Pump users can set their pumps to deliver several basal rates throughout the day and if they want, they can set up a temporary basal for a certain amount of time. Some reasons might include exercise or sickness in which a pumper would want to change their basal insulin to match the changes going on in their body
    Here at the wiki there is a glossary of terms you may want to refer to!

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