Basal Bolus Insulin Calculator

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How To Interpret Blood Glucose Monitoring Charts And Adjust Insulin Doses

Interpreting blood glucose results and being able to adjust insulin doses are useful skills for pharmacists to possess.The key to acquiring these skills is in understanding: The insulin regimen and the onset, peak and duration of action for the insulins used The glucose levels to aim for How to titrate insulin doses How all of the above relates to patients’ lifestyles and eating habits Understanding the regimen Insulin may be given alone or, for those with type 2 diabetes, with oral antidiabetic drugs (OADs), often metformin. Although this article focuses on adjusting insulin doses, readers should bear in mind that oral doses may also need to be adjusted. The three most commonly used insulin regimens are: Once daily intermediate-acting or long-acting insulin — normally given at bedtime or during the day, usually with an OAD Twice-daily pre-mixed insulin — one injection before breakfast, one before the evening meal (pre-mixed insulins contain fixed ratios of short- and long-acting insulins) Basal-bolus insulin — three daily injections of rapid- or short-acting insulin with meals and one or two injections of intermediate- or long-acting (basal) insulin The onset, peak and dur Continue reading >>

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  1. J Fiddy

    Basal-bolus insulin calculator

    Calculator for initiating or modifying basal-bolus insulin therapy with correction dosing scales akin to what exists on www.bbit.ca

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    Unfortunately, we're not allowed to add dose calculators, see here:

    I'll leave this in the list though, maybe we'll find a solution in the future.

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