Bad Insulin Reaction

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Yes, A Low-carb Diet Greatly Lowers Your Insulin

Is “eat less and run more” really the only thing you need to know in order to lose weight? Why is it then that most people lose weight on a LCHF diet, even when eating until satisfied? And this without even any increase in exercise? To think that this should be so controversial! The best explanation, in a simplified version, looks like this: Carbohydrates – > insulin – > obesity Thus more carbohydrates lead to more insulin which leads to more fat accumulation. With more details this can be written as follows: Too many (bad) carbohydrates – > pathologically high insulin levels – > obesity What constitutes “too many” varies from person to person depending on sensitivity and activity level (how much carbs you burn). Intensely exercising young men can often tolerate a fair amount of carbs, while heavily overweight older diabetics can only tolerate minimal amounts without problems. The opposite is the following: Less carbs – > lower insulin levels – > loss of excess fat Insulin is a fat storing hormone. And the easiest way to increase your insulin levels is to eat more carbohydrates. The easiest way to lower insulin levels is to eat fewer carbohydrates. This seems ve Continue reading >>

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  1. sqtaz61

    How do you know if insulin is bad when you are not certain either degree limit was met?

  2. ant hill

    Hi, Would you know if it was warm or had too much sunlight or any abnormal discoloration in the liquid?.

  3. LancetChick

    When it's bad, it just doesn't work. In my experience with bad insulin (has only happened 3 or 4 times) it happens very quickly, going from good insulin to water in about a day. I've learned to keep my vials in the refrigerator at all times, taking only the pre-filled syringes with me when I leave the house. That way it lasts until I've used it all, much longer than 28 days. If you suspect a bottle of insulin, just open a new one and see if it makes a difference.

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