Are Insulin Shots Bad For You

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The Effects Of Insulin On The Body

Insulin is a hormone produced by the pancreas. Its function is to allow other cells to transform glucose into energy throughout your body. Without insulin, cells are starved for energy and must seek an alternate source. This can lead to life-threatening complications. The Effects of Insulin on the Body Insulin is a natural hormone produced in the pancreas. When you eat, your pancreas releases insulin to help your body make energy out of sugars (glucose). It also helps you store energy. Insulin is a vital part of metabolism. Without it, your body would cease to function. In type 1 diabetes, the pancreas is no longer able to produce insulin. In Type 2 diabetes, the pancreas initially produces insulin, but the cells of your body are unable to make good use of the insulin (insulin resistance). Uncontrolled diabetes allows glucose to build up in the blood rather than being distributed to cells or stored. This can wreak havoc with virtually every part of your body. Complications of diabetes include kidney disease, nerve damage, eye problems, and stomach problems. People with Type 1 diabetes need insulin therapy to live. Some people with Type 2 diabetes must also take insulin therapy to c Continue reading >>

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  1. 1mg

    Yes, it is extremely dangerous to take insulin if you are not diabetic. Insulin acts on the glucose metabolism and lowers the blood sugar levels. This is done to treat the elevated blood sugars that are characteristic of diabetes. If a person who doesn’t have diabetes takes insulin injections, then the normal blood glucose levels will dip and produce a condition called hypoglycemia. This leads to inadequate supply of glucose needed for the body’s functioning at any given time.
    Hypoglycemia produces mild to moderate reactions like dizziness, trembling, hunger, irritability, faster heart rate, confusion, and headaches. In severe cases or if a mild case is not treated in time, hypoglycemia may cause unconsciousness, seizures, and coma.
    If you have accidentally taken insulin and are experiencing the symptoms of hypoglycemia, you need to contact emergency care. In an emergency, you can eat or drink sugar in some form, to increase your blood glucose level rapidly.

    The Editorial Team, 1mg

  2. Liang-Hai Sie

    What is the effect of insulin? As you know, the lowering of your blood sugar, fine if yours otherwise would be too high. If blood sugar levels were already normal, injecting insulin could (and often would) seriously lower your blood sugar levels even inducing a hypoglycemic diabetic coma. Not recommended.
    If somebody did trying to kill themselves, we would infuse as much glucose as needed while monitoring blood glucose levels to compensate for the insulin injected, thus keeping them alive.

  3. Tony Sangster

    It is not for anyone else. As a prescribed medication is has certain risks to its use, just as any prescribed medication has.

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