Are Insulin Pumps Permanent

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Can We Expect Permanent Cure For Diabetes In Near Future?

The future of treating Type 1 diabetes There are few conditions that science has had such a major effect on as Type 1 diabetes - the primary utilization of insulin in the 1920s changed it from a capital punishment into something individuals can live with. Be that as it may, even today, Type 1 diabetes commonly includes a lifetime of day by day infusions and, all things considered, individuals with it bite the dust more youthful than whatever remains of the populace. This is the reason we earnestly require more research into the condition. Islet Cell Transplants A standout amongst the most energizing regions of exploration is islet cell transplants. These includes taking the islet cells - the cells in the pancreas that create insulin - from dead benefactors and placing them into individuals with Type 1 diabetes, whose own islet cells have quit working. The treatment is extremely compelling. In any case, there are still issues to fathom. The transplanted cells keep going for a couple of years; there is an exceptionally constrained supply of cells; and it is hard to stop the body dismissing them. We are as of now financing investigate that will fathom these issues. The outcomes ought Continue reading >>

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  1. PumpingDiabetic

    Insulin Pump Site Hurts! :(

    Hey, Im a new member here however ive been reading the forums for a while now.
    I have a really big concern, on June/2009 I started pumping on the Animas 2020, and on June/2010 I got off of it due to a higher A1C (from me being a lazy diabetic) and now i just got back on (Jan 25/2011). The first site i put in on my belly was 100% pain free even when giving a bolus. Then my second site i put in 3 days later on the other side of my belly really hurt as it went in. It was much more painful whenever i bolused. So i couldnt take it anymore after 2 days and i put another site on my hip/butt area and now either the insulin doesnt work or it just takes FOREVER to work (and when it does it doesnt work as well as i know it should). For example, I corrected a blood sugar of 9mmol/L and gave 0.8 units for having some carrots, and i test my sugar on multiple monitors and im up at 17mmol/L.
    Now i had to give 11units and I had to give 6 units for a simple bowl of sugar free rice krispies and the lowest my sugar is going at is 9. I have a strong feeling its the area because just yesterday when it was on my belly, although painful, the insulin worked!
    Im using the Inset II 6mm canula (im really skinny) and my bolus delivery is set on slow also. Any suggestions as to what i should do? Ive tried the 45 degree infusion sets but they also really hurt. Im getting really discouraged here, and i dont want to give up pumping already!
    Sorry for the really long post, any suggestions are reallllllly appreciated.

  2. mookie47

    My cousin had a similar problem and she had called the pump manufacturer and they had a rep call her and her doctor. So you could try to get in touch with them. I dont pump so cant offer any advice. But I will probably go on one soon.

  3. karena

    Hi PumpingDiabetic, and welcome to DD.
    I am sorry to hear that you are experiencing pain at the site. I can't answer why it hurts. I am guessing the cannula is bent or kinked. The only way to know is to pull the site and change it. If / when I have a painful site, I don't bother trying to force it to work, I just pull it and start a new one. I wonder if you can call the pump folks and get some samples of all the available sets to try before you give up on your pump.
    Pumping is not for everyone so if you can't make it work, then remember it's not you.....it's the pump

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