Are Insulin Pumps Permanent

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Insulin Pumps & Insulin Pump Supplies

On this page… Insulin pumps What if I encounter problems using a pump instead of regular injections? What if I already own an insulin pump that was not covered by PharmaCare? Insulin pump supplies Which supplies are covered? Insulin Pumps PharmaCare covers insulin pumps for patients age 25 or younger with Type 1 diabetes or other forms of diabetes requiring insulin. Supplies for insulin pumps are covered for both children and adults. Who is eligible for coverage? Insulin pump coverage is available to patients who: are 25 years of age or younger, and have Type 1 diabetes or another form of diabetes requiring insulin, and are covered under Fair PharmaCare, Plan C (B.C. Income Assistance Recipients), Plan F (Children in the At Home Program) or Plan W (First Nations Health Benefits), and have confirmation from their diabetes physician that they meet the medical criteria, and have Special Authority approval for coverage (see “How do I obtain coverage?” below). How much will PharmaCare cover? PharmaCare covers 100% of the cost of one of the approved insulin pumps every five years, subject to the rules of your PharmaCare plan. For instance, if you are: on Plan C (B.C. Income Assista Continue reading >>

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  1. Marlene3


    I am seeing my doctor again in 2 months. We will be discussing pumping vs injections. I have started on injections when I was diagnosed 2 years ago, that is thus all I know. Currently I am not too sure what to think about this whole situation. I don't know if I will be able to adjust to have something attached to me permanently. If you have been on a pump and the normal injections, which do you prefer and why?

  2. Sheepdogs

    It's no different than wearing a watch all the time. That is attached to you. Or having a cell phone on your person, all the time. It's not that permanent, because one has to change sites every so many days, too. Always options for change.

  3. Terry4


    I don't know if I will be able to adjust to have something attached to me permanently.
    @Marlene3 , to a person, this is one of the first thoughts any person with diabetes confronts when an insulin pump is suggested. That exact thought held me up for over a year in saying "yes" to a pump. That was in 1986. In 1987, thirty years ago, I went on a pump and never looked back. I found the ability to inject with a pump any time and anywhere to be a great lifestyle convenience. The pump math wizard and its memory are also very nice.
    I quickly got over the idea of something attached to me all the time. I see this issue like your personal thought about injecting insulin before and after your diagnosis. Most of us now consider the idea of injecting as "no big deal."

    That being said, an insulin pump is not for everyone. Is there any penalty in giving it a trial, say 90 days? Then you can decide if a pump or multiple daily injections are best for you. Good luck with whatever you decide!

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