Are Insulin Pens Expensive

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Insulin Pen

Two types of modern, pre-filled insulin syringes. An insulin pen is used to inject insulin for the treatment of diabetes. Insulin is a hormone produced by the pancreas. It is composed of an insulin cartridge (integrated or bought separately) and a dial to measure the dose, and is used with disposable pen needles to deliver the dose. It was introduced and marketed as NovoPen by the Danish company Novo Nordisk in 1985. Types of pens[edit] A number of companies make insulin pens including Novo Nordisk, Aventis, Eli Lilly and Biocon. These companies produce pens for most of their insulins, including NovoLog/NovoRapid, Humalog, Levemir and Lantus. There are two pen systems: durable and prefilled: A durable pen uses a replaceable insulin cartridge. When the insulin cartridge is empty, the empty cartridge is disposed of and a new one is inserted in the pen. A prefilled pen is entirely disposable. The pen comes pre-filled with insulin, and when the insulin cartridge or reservoir is empty, the entire unit is discarded. Most brands of insulin are now available for use in pens, these include: NovoMix, NovoRapid and Levemir by Novo Nordisk Lantus and Apidra by Sanofi-Aventis Humulin and Humalo Continue reading >>

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  1. TomasHezan


    Why is Insulin so expensive? (npr.org)
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  2. Sideburnt

    Because when life saving medicine sits in the hands of Private financial institutions then greed and monopoly aren't far behind.
    The Canadian chap that was largely responsible for discovering how to mass produce insulin explicitly refused to patent it because he wanted insulin to be free to those who needed it. He'd be furious at the current system in some countries, and rightly so.

  3. KillerLag

    Actually, he did patent it, but sold it to the University of Toronto for 50 cents.
    "The Nobel Prize committee in 1923 credited the practical extraction of insulin to a team at the University of Toronto and awarded the Nobel Prize to two men: Frederick Banting and J.J.R. Macleod.[68] They were awarded the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 1923 for the discovery of insulin. Banting, insulted that Best was not mentioned, shared his prize with him, and Macleod immediately shared his with James Collip. The patent for insulin was sold to the University of Toronto for one half-dollar."
    Edit: Related news article that happened to also come out today.

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