How To Reduce Urine Sugar Level

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Glucose In My Urine | Diabetes Forum The Global Diabetes Community

Diabetes Forum The Global Diabetes Community Find support, ask questions and share your experiences. Join the community Hi, I was diagnosed with Type 2 about 6 months ago and nothing much has happened with it other than about 6 weeks ago they put me on one a day 500mg Metformin following a recent HbA1C. Anyways they never told me to check my blood glucose level with any meter or urine for that matter so I though everything was hunk dory nothing to worry about I was doing fine. Out of curiosity just for my own piece of mind and to see how I was doing I got some urine testing strips and they were showing fine results even after I started the metformin. But over the past couple of weeks i've tested my urine about an hour and half after food and the strip goes a very dark color after 30 seconds. I put the strip against the container color chart and there are 3 +++'s and after 40 seconds its as dark and the indicator for 4 ++++'s . Now being new to all of this and not being told i should test can anyone tell me if these results on the testing strips are something to worry about? I'm not due to go back to the Dr's for a test or check up until mid January. The last time I went to another Continue reading >>

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  1. User19575

    Beer and Blood Glucose

    A friend of mine said that her husband is a type 2 put on meds. Doctor said for him to stop drinking beer, so he did for about maybe 3-6 months. His blood sugar keeps going up and down. He decided to start drinking beer again, maybe 6-8 beers a day. Now he is having the lowest blood sugar tests since being dx.
    He does test in the morning, take meds., eats breakfast, nothing else til dinner time.(except Beer)
    My friend has the question as to why is this happening of him having lower blood sugars drinking beer?
    PS) He has been having problems too (before starting beer again) where he has been shopping and getting disoriented and very spacey at least 2 times that she knows about because he was with her.
    Thanks for any comments.

  2. jwags

    Drikining alcohol shuts the liver down so it can clear the toxins out of your body. Your body cannot process any carbs you are eating. That is why alcoholics are sometimes malnourished. I don't think an occoassional beer is too bad but drinking all day is not a good diabetes managemnt strategy.

  3. kgordon

    Alcohol has a direct affect on the liver and the liver is part of the glucose control system. While the liver is processing the alcohol it doesn't release glucose nearly as well. This is important is because in between meals the liver is responsible for producing glucose. Our bodies in addition to uptaking glucose after meals also takes up glucose through out the course of the day. Insulin allows the absorption of glucose throughout the day dropping our BG. The liver responds to this decrease by producing glucose to prevent it from going to low. This is the glucose control system put very simply. Add alcohol and the liver can't produce glucose so BG's levels drop. This becomes more complex for diabetics using drugs that have a direct effect on insulin production or injecting insulin directly.
    Agree with Jeanne, alcohol is not a diabetes management strategy if that's what your friend is thinking. 6-8 beers a day is another whole problem.

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