How Can Low Blood Sugar Cause Death

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High And Low Blood Sugar Issues

Blood sugar concentrations or blood glucose levels are the amount of sugar or glucose present in your blood stream. Your body naturally regulates blood sugar (glucose) levels as a part your body”s metabolic processes. Glucose or sugar is the primary energy mechanism for cells and blood lipids. Glucose or blood sugar is transported from your intestines or liver to the cells in your body via the bloodstream. The absorption of glucose is promoted by insulin or the hormone produced in the pancreas. If your sugar levels are not balanced you may have high or low blood sugar issues. Low sugar issues are hypoglycemia and high blood sugar indicates that you have hyperglycemia or hyperglycemia symptoms. High or low blood sugar levels cause different problems. Low blood sugar levels can cause dementia, comas or death. High blood sugar is a major cause of damage to your body”s internal organs. Low Blood Sugar Low blood sugar or hypoglycemia indicates the level of glucose in your blood has dramatically dropped below what your body need to function. When your blood sugar drops below 70 milligrams per deciliter symptom will develop. You may feel tired and anxious or weak and shaky. Your heart Continue reading >>

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  1. MJS22357

    Death from severely low blood sugar

    I joined this group to ask an expert whether it hurts to die from severely low blood sugar. My brother died yesterday. He was 55, had diabetes since age 2. He had neuropathy, retinopathy, kidney disease, COPD & in last year, increasingly brittle diabetes. I went to check on him because it had been 3 days, we usually text 1/day. When I last saw him, his sugar plummeted to 20-he was totally unaware, I had taken him grocery shopping, got him sugar pop…after 2 cokes, was at 70!
    I went there & could not get him to come to door. Called 911, he had died, don't know when…I am so sad, he and I were very close, we were born on same day, 3 years apart…
    I need to know…although probably no one could know this…do you think it hurt him, was he in pain as he died? I hate to think of him being alone, not realizing how low his sugar was, and die…please answer. I am so sad…,

  2. jayabee52

    Howdy MJS
    WELCOME to DC!
    Sorry to learn of your brother.
    I suspect that since your bro seemed to have hypoglycemic unawareness (dropping to 20 without symptoms of a hypo) it would seem that he had no pain at all.
    My 2nd wife had brittle diabetes (most likely a type 1 due to her Lupis {SLE}) and she had pain from a SLE flare, for which she got a steroid injection. She passed away on a night just after she got an injection. Her passing was peaceful. She fell asleep talking to a good friend and passed sometime that next early mornihg (her body still was a little warm to the touch when I woke at 6 am). So it was comforting to me that she passed so peacefully. However, for the longest time, I was plagued by the thought that I could have done something to save her.
    Oh and another coincidence, "Jem".and her brother "Skip" were born the same day 15 years apart.
    It sounded like your brother had a lot of "medical challenges" as well.
    I pray for your peace and comfort as you grieve your brother's loss.

  3. wraithmb

    I'm sorry to hear about your brother. My thoughts and prayers are with you. The last time I was low enough to lose consciousness due to my blood sugar, I was in no pain whatsoever. When I came around with the paramedics in my house, they told me that my blood sugar was around 16 mgdl.
    Once again, my prayers go out to you and your family.

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