How Are High Blood Pressure And Diabetes Related?

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Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is often common in people with diabetes Blood pressure is the pressure of the blood in the arteries as the heart pumps it around the body. High blood pressure can result in increased risks of stroke, heart disease, kidney disease, eye disease and nerve damage Diabetes changes the body chemistry in a way that increases the risk of blood pressure People with diabetes should get their blood pressure checked regularly Causes of High Blood Pressure Some of the causes of high blood pressure are not known, although it is known that it tends to run in families. Lifestyle factors such as being inactive, overweight, smoking, drinking a lot of alcohol and eating a lot of salt can also increase your risk. Benefits of Managing Blood Pressure Good management of blood pressure for people with diabetes is extremely important in decreasing the risk of: Stroke Heart disease Kidney disease Eye disease Nerve damage. When to Check Your Blood Pressure Have your blood pressure checked at every doctor’s visit, at least: Every six months for people with normal blood pressure Three months for people with high blood pressure Every 4-8 weeks if your blood pressure medication is being cha Continue reading >>

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  1. OCDP

    Scared!! Diabetes symptoms???

    Hi there, I will try to make this as brief as I can (I'm bad at this..)
    I am 23 years old, male, 5"8, 220lbs. I am overweight definitely. I suffer from Generalized Anxiety Disorder and panic attacks which I take medication for. I was also diagnosed with high blood pressure last year which I take a beta blocker for now. I ALSO have sleep apnea which I treat with CPAP. Wow, that's a lot of stuff wrong with such a young guy...
    Here's why I think I have diabetes (I am scheduled to see my doctor on Thursday by the way) Last week I stumbled across an Oprah episode headlining diabetes as the silent killer. It scared the crap out of me, I always had a thought of diabetes but never went into it much. They listed the symptoms and risk factors... my risk factors are being overweight, not active, and a fairly bad diet. Up until last monday I did eat junk foods like chips and chocolate.. I admit to it all... I didn't work out much at all or do much physical activity. At the time of watching the episode I didn't feel I had any of the symptoms... maybe blurry vision but I have always had bad eyes, especially reading/seeing things far away.
    So, before this Oprah show finished I was on my treadmil, running my butt off. I was scared silly and totally felt a huge urge to start changing. I started eating smaller portions and better food choices as of last Monday. I hae exercised almost every day since then as well for half hour each time. My diet is much better compared to before, making sure to get fruit and veggies in each day and watching my carbs and bad foods basically.
    With that out of the way, here's where I am getting scared and very confused, my anxiety disorder isn't helping my cause at all. Since I seen this episode I seem to be having more symptoms and they keep getting worse. My blurry vision suddenly seems worse and more apparent, it's always on my mind. When I don't obsess about it, it seems as always. Perhaps I am making my vision worse, or making my already poor eyesight seem like it's blurry vision. Either way, it's concering.
    Aside from that I have had some tingling in my legs and feet, nothing major but noticeable. Again, this wasn't really happening before the Oprah show... but maybe I just didn't notice. I have also noticed today especially that my mouth seems more dry than usual.. (I have questions about these symptoms coming up) On top of that, I have lately noticed off and on that if I eat something for lunch or dinner, I will feel like I have the hunger pain sensation in my belly, but I am not actually hungry (at least I don't think I am) today was the worst for it. I ate a grilled chicken wrap and some blueberries at 2:00 and by 4:00 I had that sensation in my stomache??? I wasn't really hungry by any means but that feeling made it seem like I was, I didn't feel like I could eat again or anything. I am wondering if maybe this is just hunger from diet changes or something? I know this doens't make sense , you'll have to bare with me as I am SUPER anxious right now. I read from one website that itching in the groin is a common symptom. While I am not itchy in my groin all the time, it does get itchy down there (pardon the too much information) quite often, could this just be from dry skin, being too hot down there, etc, etc..? (again I am sorry for the information) Aside from the above, that's the extent of my symptoms, I have been tired but like I said I have sleep apnea which has just been recently treated with CPAP so I don't really think this is a symptom of diabetes (but I won't rule it out)
    What I don't have is extreme thirst, or frequent urination, two of the tell tale symptoms??
    My big questions that I can't seem to wait until Thursday are:
    - Is dry mouth meaning no saliva in the mouth at all, like being completely dried out? I think my dry mouth is just from mouth breathing really.
    - How would you define extreme thirst?
    - How would you define frequent urination?
    - How would you define blurry vision, what is considered blurry vision?? I can see things fine up close, it's far away that seems blurry I suppose, computers always make my vision a bit off... but anything else seems fine.
    - How would youdefine extreme hunger? Does this mean eating and eating and eating but still not feeling full?
    I read one website and some of my symptoms seemed to match up so well, I am in panic mode. If you've read this far, THANK YOU. I can't wait to get to my doctors and have this sorted out.
    Also, I had blood tests last year and asked my doctor about my blood sugar and so on, and was told not to worry and things were fine. I am not sure how fast things can change really.

  2. 1986

    - How would you define extreme thirst?
    you drink, and your thirst is never quenched
    - How would you define frequent urination?
    if you wake up more than 1 time a night to pee
    Unfortunately Oprah is full of S*** A bad diet... try high in carbs. the Inuit eat meat, fat and fish they didn't have diabetes until they started eating a high carb diet (sugar is a carb). bread, pasta rice...
    Get checked out by the MD. your not going to drop dead from diabetes tomorrow.

  3. npitlor

    First, you need to BREATHE. There's nothing you will be able to do until Thursday that will make much of a difference.
    I don't believe that your symptoms appearing after the Oprah show was a coincidence. The power of suggestion is VERY strong, and the symptoms you are describing can be subjective.
    My Dx is only about 6 weeks old. I can tell you my thirst was PAINFUL. Until treatment was about 5 days in, I was consuming about 5-6 liters of liquid a day. I was urinating almost every 30-40 monites (Execpt at night, when I would wake up every hours or so to urinate). I had no energy, but that might be in part due to the fact that I got no sleep.
    Other things I noticed (These are not subjective):
    -VERY dry skin -- My feet cracked and bled
    -Night leg cramps (at least 5-6 times a week)
    -Weight loss (I lost about 20 pounds before Dx)
    Get some sleep, and concentrate on doing things that are within your own control (Clean up, go for a walk, etc). When you do things that you CAN control, you will regain the feeling that you ARE IN control. That's worked for me for years.

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