Do Diabetes Symptoms Come On Suddenly

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Diabetes Thirst Symptom | Sign No 3 Of 6 Diabetes Signs And Symptoms

Diabetes Signs And Symptoms – Diabetes Thirst Means Being Constantly And Very Thirsty Diabetes signs and symptoms like the diabetes thirst symptom with type 1 diabetes in particular can be noticed as frequent urination and being suddenly very thirsty. In type 2 diabetes, the diabetes signs and symptoms tend to come about more gradually, and sometimes there are no signs at all. People who have unusual excessive thirst should contact their doctor immediately for an accurate diagnosis. Recognizing early signs is important but keep in mind that these signs could signal other health issues, too. A type 2 diabetic usually has a slower onset and can often go undiagnosed. But many people do have signs like extreme thirst and frequent urination. Early diabetes signs and symptoms include sores that won’t heal, frequent infections (including vaginal infections in some women), and changes in vision. Some patients actually go to the doctor with signs resulting from the complications of being diabetic, like tingling in the feet (neuropathy) or blurry vision, without knowing they have the disease. This is why screening people at risk to become diabetic is so important. The best way to avoid c Continue reading >>

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  1. confusingprediabetic

    Sudden Increase in Diabetic Symptoms

    For the past few years, I've been diagnosed as prediabetic. My OGTT results are as follows:
    87 mg/dl fasting
    233 mg/dl after 1 hour
    140 mg/dl after 2 hours
    Insulin levels were 160
    C-peptide was 18.2
    My A1C was 4.9 at the time. Since the test a few months back, my fasting blood sugar has ranged between 75 to 90, though closer to 75 most times. I am an extremely cautious person with the disease and check my blood sugar several times a day (at least 4 times, usually 6). As I am prediabetic, I am trying to lose weight but sometimes I eat certain carb heavy meals and check my post-prandial sugars just to see where my sugars go. For example, there is a noodles dish that I eat from a specific restaurant every two weeks or so. Whenever I eat that dish, I always check my sugars after 1 hour, 2 hours and 3 hours. For the past three months whenever I have eaten that dish, my 1 hour sugar is usually 130-145, 2 hour is 110-120 and 3 hour is 90-100. However, recently (as in the past week or so) I have had the same dish and the numbers were as follows: 176 (1 hour), 145 (2 hours) and 113 (3 hours). I've also noticed my fasting sugars range higher (85-99).
    I don't exercise so there has been no change with that. My eating habits are the same and my weight has ranged between 195 lbs to 205 lbs. 3 months ago I was 205 lbs, then I dropped to 195, then I gained again to 200 lbs, then I dropped again to 195, then gained to 200 and then again to 205. The changes in weight did not correlate to increases or decreases in blood sugar. That just happened suddenly. I did, however, take 2500 mg of biotin and 800 mcg of chromium picolinate. This was two weeks ago, and I only took it for two days and then stopped.
    I'm concerned. I'm still just 28 and prediabetic and for the disease to suddenly progress is concerning. Just today, I ate little higher amount of carbs (85 grams) in one meal. The carbs were wheat bread, with some beef as protein. After 1 hour the sugars 162 mg, then at 2 hours it was 145, then at 3 hours it was 117 and then 99 at 4 hours. This is unusually high for me. In the past months when I've had this same meal, my numbers would be 135-ish (1 hour), 115-ish (2 hours), 100-ish (3 hours) and 80 or so (4 hours). Please note that after none of these times did I hit a blood sugar drop due to high insulin levels. I very rarely get such crashes.
    Lastly, I always check my urine with keto-diastix just to see if ketones and glucose levels in the urine are fine. Referring to the most recent time when I ate the noodles dish, when I urinated about 2 hours later, there was substantial glucose in the urine (500 mg/dl - 0.5%). However, whenever I have eaten the exact same dish in the past few months, there was no sugar whatsoever in the urine. Even during today's meal, when I ate 85 grams of wheat bread, though postprandial blood glucose was higher, there was no urinary glucose. It makes no sense to be honest. Occasionally there's urinary glucose but most times there's not, even when I have higher than normal blood glucose levels.
    I'm concerned that there's a suddenly the disease is getting worse. I am currently on no medications of any type. I was taking some prozac for anxiety but per my psychiatrist, I am no longer taking that. I would appreciate any insight. Is there anything I can do to improve my numbers. Thanks.

  2. hyposym

    Welcome to the forum, Confusingprediabetic.
    I'd say your OGTT showed you were already diabetic then, not even pre-D. Any random BG level above 200 is said to be enough to diagnose diabetes. Besides, your 2-hour 140 is also a diabetic reading, not pre-D.
    Your C-peptide tells me you have Insulin Resistance, but I'm no expert.
    Pre-diabetes actually means the diabetes is already there, just not too "expressed" yet. I don't think having changed any habits would have 100% prevented you from getting into the diabetic range. In my case, I've had pre-diabetic fasting numbers since about 11 years now. I've lately discovered my post-prandials were in the diabetic range when I consumed more carbs than my body could handle at one meal. The fasting BG is said to be the last to go up, in many cases.
    Sorry I cannot write more now. Have to sign out. I'm sure others will respond to you soon as well. Take care, you can keep this under control.
    Editing to add: I just noticed you had 2 posts on DD, so I looked at the other one and saw you had already been welcomed here a few months ago Sorry, I hadn't noticed you were a member since Feb 2012. And I even saw I had replied to you on the other thread, too.

  3. User2013

    I am wondering what you are waiting for. I read your previous post on this matter and your numbers say you were diabetic then. No matter what your doctor is saying, treat your issues as a diabetic. You asked what you can do, lower your carbs, eat only portions sizes of all foods, start exercising and find a doctor that will work with you and vise versa.

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