What Kind Of Food Lowers Blood Sugar

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What Causes High Blood Pressure (hypertension)?

In around 90% of the patients, we just don't know what causes it. So we call it essential or primary hypertension. Secondary hypertension exists, but is much more rare: narrowing of the the renal artery (the one leading to your kidney) - reno-vascular hypertension - around 5% overproduction of salt and water retaining hormones, such as cortisol (Cushing's syndrome=cortisol producing tumor in the adrenals, Cushing disease=ACTH producing tumor in the pituitary causing the adrenals to produce too much cortisol), aldosteron (Conn's syndrome=aldosteron producing tumor in the adrenals), or adrenalin like substances (phaeochromocytoma=adrenalin and noradrenalin producing tumors in the adrenals) alcohol overuse overuse of liquorice obesity drugs such as hormones (oral contraceptives, cortisol like substances e.g. prednisolon), cyclosporin, antipsychotic medication etc. probably stress, since this causes higher adrenalin and cortisol levels. special circumstances: pregnancy. Although in general a high salt diet usually doesn't cause high blood pressure, in societies where no salt is used hypertension does not exist. Although thyreoid diseases are listed everywhere, I myself have never encou Continue reading >>

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  1. hexiesfriend

    When my cat Cici was diagnosed with diabetes my Vet told me I needed to stop feeding the cat grain free dry food and start on science diet w/d. Cici is 13lbs and after 3 years on the w/d, hasn't lost any weight. My overlove has been blamed and to be honest since she is 17 years old and was diagnosed at 14, I haven't been trying too hard to limit her food intake. I have just seen threads on how bad science diet is any suggestions on a dry food that is available at a pet food store like petsmart or petco? I sometimes travel during the day and because she is diabetic, I free feed the dry and give my cats a few tablespoons of friskies wet cat food 2 times a day. I have tried to talk to my vet about switching food because the rest of my cats who also eat the w/d seem to be gaining weight. Though she is a very good vet, she is stuck on science diet or royal canin. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

  2. denice

    Some vets are definitely stuck on the prescription foods. Is your kitty on insulin? I understand about traveling during the day but is there any way you could get your kitty at least primarily on wet food, maybe 2 meals a day and a very small amount of dry to nibble on. Basically the best diet for kitties in general would be the best for your kitty as well, high protein low carb. The deal with kibble is that it tends to be high in carbs even the grain free ones have carb laden fillers in them.
    http://www.catinfo.org/ is a good web site for general nutrition info and includes a chart of commercial foods with protein, fat and carb percentages. There are foods from grocery store brands on through to very high priced brands that are at least decent quality. Pates in general are lower in carbs.

  3. marc999

    If you sometimes travel during the day, do you have time to lay down a can of wet food in the morning before you leave?
    Ideally some food should be given 2-3x a day, but I'm sure one full 5.5-6 oz. can of Grreat Choice (Poultry Platter, Mixed Grill, Country Dinner) (PetSmart) brand once / day, is better than free feeding whatever dry food you can find. The calories should be indicated on the back of the can.
    You can also find sales on Fancy Feast classics, or Friskies Pate.
    Since you mentioned PetSmart, those 3 are likely the least expensive canned wet food alternatives, especially when PetSmart has a sale going on. That's the time to stock up.
    Failing that - stay with grain free kibble if you must but portion out the servings. Read the bag to figure out the calories per cup.
    For example, I have a bag of Orijen Regional Red - 500 calories per cup is a lot and no darn way would I want my cat even eating 1/2 of that in a day.
    If you're away for a weekend, then yeah dry food is the only option if nobody is available to check on kitty. But go easy on the portions. You could measure out 2 days worth as a trial run and see how much is left after 12/ 24 / 36 hrs., then 48 hrs, then you'll know how much extra to add without over doing it.
    Doesn't Petsmart have Wellness Core or Innova Evo dry foods? Just stay with your grain free kibble when you can't give wet, there seems to be enough agreement that Science Diet is not the answer.

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