What Is A Good Night Snack For Diabetics?

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Late-night Eating: Ok If You Have Diabetes?

Are late-night snacks a no-no for people who have diabetes? Answers from M. Regina Castro, M.D. If you have diabetes, late-night snacks aren't necessarily off-limits — but it's important to make wise choices. Late-night snacks add extra calories, which can lead to weight gain. And if you snack after your evening meal — especially if the foods contain carbohydrates — you may wake up the next morning with a high blood sugar level. If you're hungry after dinner, choose a "free" food, such as: One sugar-free frozen cream pop Five baby carrots One cup of light popcorn A small handful of goldfish-style crackers A can of diet soda Or swap the snack for a piece of gum or small hard candy. These "free" foods have few, if any, carbohydrates and calories, so they won't contribute to weight gain or increased blood sugar. If you take insulin or other diabetes medications and feel that you must snack before bedtime to prevent low blood sugar (hypoglycemia) during the night, talk to your doctor. He or she may recommend adjusting the dose of your medications to prevent the need for a late-night snack. Continue reading >>

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  1. Tracy1918

    Okay, I know there's no such thing as a dumb question......but.......
    Everything I read says bedtime snacks are good, but I don't get it.
    I mean, if your child is going to have a 20g snack and you give them insulin to cover that, don't they just cancel each other out?
    Could you please help correct my thinking?
    Can you tell I'm a new here?

  2. nanhsot

    We only do a bedtime snack (and honestly, that sounds so weird to say about a teenager! ) if he is under 100, then he snacks to get higher but gives himself NO insulin.
    I honestly dislike him going to bed with any active short acting in his system. Not sure if that's my newbie paranoia or good common sense, but we try to make the last rapid acting to be given by 6 or 7 so that he's going to sleep with only basal working on him.

  3. Brandi's mom

    we were told to give a 15g bedtime snack with no insulin

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