What Foods Balance Blood Sugar?

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Regarding Blood Sugar Levels, If I Don't Eat For A Long Time, Does My Sugar Go Up Or Down. Why Are Diabetics Advised To Eat Every Few Hours?

To work properly the blood sugar level needs to be above one level and below another- it depends on what measurement you use. In general, Blood sugar maintenance is very simple in theory… you eat, sugar is the first thing to absorb and your blood sugar increases. Little chemical monitors in your body see the increase and calculate how fast the increase is, and tell the pancreas to release insulin in an amount just enough to keep the sugar at the right level. This happens continuously, a constant cycle of “eat, absorb, measure sugar, release insulin”: lets call that the insulin response. When a person has diabetes mellitus (the kind based on inadequate provision of insulin) the insulin response doesn’t work. So, the person takes medication that usually does one of three things: 1- makes it easier for the body to absorb sugar 2- forces the pancreas to make more insulin 3- replaces the insulin now, the medication helps keep the blood sugar in a healthy range, but its not as sensitive or responsive as the body’s own system. Normal and diabetic blood sugar ranges For the majority of healthy individuals, normal blood sugar levels are as follows: Between 4.0 to 6.0 mmol/L (72 to Continue reading >>

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  1. A. Robinson

    Will having PCOS slow down weight loss???

    I was just wondering if you have PCOS would it make your weight come off slower or would it even matter with the sleeve?? I was on medication (metformin) 2 yrs ago when I was seeing a doctor that was closer to home. I started seeing my "old" doctor last year when I started working in his office. I told him I was diagnosed with it & even showed him labs & told him the gynecologist confirmed it also but he never put me back on metformin. So I was just wondering if I should talk to him about it again. I am kind of concerned about my weight coming off slowly. I know everyone isn't the same and we all lose weight at different rates.


    I had PCOS and Insulin Resistance prior to surgery, I have lost 145 pounds in 11 months with no problems. I followed my plan strictly. I have not been on Metformin or any other medications since the morning after surgery. Would you be able to switch doctors perhaps?

  3. A. Robinson

    Thank you for your response. I have seen him over a 10 yr period & would like to keep seeing him. I just tried to let him be the doctor and not question his reasoning. I wondered if taking the Metformin would help me lose better. Just didnt want this to affect my weight loss. Again thanks for responding & congrats on your awesome weight loss!

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