What Foods Are Good For Diabetics?

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Best Choices At Olive Garden For People With Diabetes

There are lots of good choices at Olive Garden, whether you have diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels, or are just looking to follow a well-balanced diet to maintain your overall health. Here are six tips to help you make the best choice. Q: What are good choices at Olive Garden for people with diabetes? -Anonymous Reader A: There are lots of good choices at Olive Garden, whether you have diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels, or are just looking to follow a well-balanced diet to maintain your overall health. Follow these tips to make the best choices: Use HealthyDiningFinder.com as a resource to find dietitian-approved menu items at Olive Garden. Olive Garden’s Healthy Dining page lists lots of options, all of which meet strict criteria for calories, fat, and sodium. Choose whole grain pasta options when available to increase your fiber, vitamin, and mineral intake. Fiber helps increase satiety, helps regulate your digestive system, and may help to lower cholesterol levels. Choose dishes with plenty of vegetables. Again, fiber is a key benefit here. Vegetables also offer lots of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and phytochemicals, with few cal Continue reading >>

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  1. Indychick829

    Hello! I was recently diagnosed with Insulin Resistance and my doctor has put me on the medication, "Metformin".
    I am wondering if any of you here have IR and if anyone is following the IR Diet (or a healthy-carb diet of sorts).
    I'm NOT Diabetic nor do I have PCOS - which are the two main health issues which metformin is normally perscribed for. I've only been taking the pills for two days now (and this first week is with my nightly meal) - but yesterday and today I HAVE noticed a HUGE difference in my appetite. I move up to 2 pills a day (lunch and dinner) next week.
    My problem is - with the Insulin Resistance - when I eat too many processed carbs as well as not eating protein along with my meal and or snack - my blood sugar / insulin spikes and it's stored as fat instead of getting burned off. I lost 60 pounds 3 years ago on WW but slowly put it back on - especially after going on birth control pills (which the one i was on, i am convinced made things worse and stopped me from losing any weight and possibly contributed to me gaining 40 pounds back). I lead a healthy lifestyle - no soda pop - eat lean meats - whole grains - exercise 2 - 3 times a week - and yet I've not been able to lose ANY of the weight i've gained back.
    So after talking to my doc and getting blood tests done - she diagnosed me with insulin resistance and put me on Metformin. So far so good - again, only 2 pills - but the appetite has been suppressed yesterday and today and I've had NO side effects at all.
    She also suggested I try the "Insulin Resistance Diet" - which honestly only changes a few small things about the way I currently eat (which before I just wasn't getting enough protein).
    So ANYWAYS...after that long introduction...I'm wondering if anyone else has this issue and has been perscribed Metformin - and have you lost any weight on it? TIA!

  2. cherr1e

    Hello! I am also Insulin Resistant, so my dr also put me on Metformin. I am over weight, and wanting to conceive in the future and IR can make that difficult! Been taking it for a little while now now, I have not lost any weight yet but I have had side effects and I only take it once at night to try to keep the side effects to a minimum. *side effects-diarrhea* But I hope it works really well for you! Would like to know more about the diet you are doing... I don't drink any type of caffeinated drinks, usually just water. But, I am having a hard time with the carbs!

  3. Indychick829

    Hello!! The book that my doctor suggested is called, "The Insulin-Resistance Diet" by Cheryle Hart - i got mine at the local library . I'm still not 100% sure on EVERYTHING yet - but it seems great so far - pretty much how I already eat - just much more "balanced"...
    And the great thing is - it states you SHOULD eat carbs - you just need to eat the healthy carbs and balance it with protein - but it ALSO lets you eat the processed carbs - as long as you link those with protein.
    Basically at any meal or snack (which should be at least 2 hours from your previous one - there's a "two hour fat window" they talk about) - the amount of carbs you eat - you should have at LEAST half of those grams balanced in protein. ie: 15 grams of carbs - have at LEAST 7 grams of protein. and 30 grams of carbs - have at LEAST 15 (of course you can have more protein - but should also eat the healthy carbs...)
    I tend to have higher protein meals now, anyways, and I have to say, "it's ok. you CAN HAVE the carbs / fruit / whole grain bread with this meal because you NEED to balance.
    Although it says you should ONLY have 30 grams of carbs at the most at each meal...but it also says - frozen meals ARE a good choice, as long as the balance is there - same with protein bars, other processed foods, etc...
    I really like the book and the things it has to say.

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