What Can You Eat When You Have Diabetes Type 2?

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Can a Diabetic Eat Cheese - Cheese Is Good Or Bad For Diabetes. Can people with diabetes eat cheese? The answer in many cases is yes. This delicious, calcium-rich food contains many nutritional properties that make it a healthy part of abalanced diet. Of course, there are some precautions to keep in mind. Read on to find out what people with diabetes need to know about eating cheese. Keep watch this video to learn more details. - Play List: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list... So I hope this video will be helpful for you all, Try this recipe at home and share your experience with me and Dont forget to share with your family and friends. I hope you like and subscribe my channel, there will be many more videos to come for your help. Diabetes Natural Treatment Channel: - Subscribe us: https://goo.gl/fbDGXv Please share on Twitter, Facebook and Google+ to spread the world. Thank You! Follow us on: - G+: https://plus.google.com/1028643668006... This Channel Only for Diabetic People ... Publishing videos of Guidelines on Best Diabetes Tips, so here you will find Health tips about type 1 and type 2 Diabetes natural cure treatment, diabetes diet, healthy food, Amazing Benefits of Fruits & solutions For Diabetes, Best Health Tips For etc. -------------------------------- DISCLAIMER: Diabetes Natural Treatment channel has an exclusively educational purpose and to share personal experiences with duty and in order to exchange information. The information provided on this Channel and its Videos is for general purposes only and should not be considered as professional advice. We are trying to provide a perfect, valid, specific, detailed information .we are not a licensed professional so make sure with your professional consultant in case you need. Thank you very much! Music By youtube audio library. All Photos Licensed Under CC . Source : www.pixabay.com www.pexels.com www.commons.wikimedia.org www.publicdomainpictures.net

Can I Eat Cheese With Type 2 Diabetes?

If you have diabetes, your body does not metabolize carbohydrates properly, and you have high blood sugar. A healthy diet is an important part of managing your blood sugar levels and preventing diabetes complications. In moderation, cheese can be a regular part of a sensible diet for individuals with this health condition. Video of the Day Following a healthy diet for individuals with diabetes includes consuming controlled amounts of carbohydrates throughout the day. You might have 45 to 60 grams of carbohydrates at your meals, and 15 grams of carbohydrates at snacks. An ounce of mozzarella or cheddar each provides less than 1 gram of carbohydrates. For lunch, you could have a whole-grain wrap with cheese and a large apple. As a snack, you could have blue cheese with walnuts and a small piece of fruit. Diabetes, Cheese and Weight Obesity is a major risk factor for type-2 diabetes. If you have type-2 diabetes and are obese, losing weight can help. Cheese is a high-calorie food, so limit your portion sizes. An ounce of cheddar cheese contains 113 calories. Reduce your calorie consumption by selecting reduced-fat or fat-free cheese instead. An ounce of nonfat cheddar cheese contains 4 Continue reading >>

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  1. Neiish M

    Metformin - Side effects, Weight loss and Success stories!!

    Hi Mummies/mummies to be,
    Ok, so I need a bit of help... I am currently taking Metformin 500mg once a day, I need to double up and start taking 1000mg a day but I can't bring myself to do it. I did try twice last week but it made me feel so ill, I googled how to stop side effects and that said to eat half a sandwich take the tablet and eat the other half which so far has been fine for me but when I tried this but taking 1000mg the side effects did happen, does anyone know a way I could get around this? As I really do need to take them as I am dying for a baby as me and my OH have been trying for over 4 years. The doctor did tell us that he suspected we had had a missed miscarriage around 2 and a half years ago, which makes things worse because on one hand I think I must be able to get pregnant and on the other I think I probably can't ever get pregnant as it was only a suspected miscarriage.
    My gynaecologist also told me I would lose weight with these tablets which hasn't so far happened although I have only been on them 2 months. I find it really hard to lose weight (I am about 5 stone over my ideal weight for my height) but would be happy to lose anything for when I go back to gynaey. How did people with PCOS manage to lose weight? I have tried SW and WW before and they both unfortunately failed. I'd also like to turn my house into a gym as I don't feel comfortable actually attending a gym.
    And finally, is there anybody who has been on Metformin and successfully gotten pregnant and had a baby? How long were you on Metformin and how many mg were you on?
    Thanks for any help you can give and sorry for 21 questions

  2. Georgina S(226)

    Hi Neiish,
    I also have PCOS and have been through the whole gamut of pills associated with it. In the end I had to have IVF but with most people it doesn't come to that, so don't worry too much yet (if possible - coming from a veteran worrier!)
    I am very sorry to hear what you were told about a missed miscarriage. I know how you feel waiting to have a baby - I honestly would have rather died than remain childless. I know other people manage to accept it but I really couldn't. So I know exactly how you must feel.
    Now to metformin - I took this for about a year with no result ie it did not help me ovulate/get pregnant. However there is not one type of PCOS and it manifests itself in all different ways. I was never very overweight with PCOS, but I have all the other symptoms. Metformin will help if you are insulin resistant which I am not (at least not severely). Most doctors on the NHS won't do a fasting insulin test, so you may need to find this out privately. It DID make me lose weight, probably because it makes you slightly nauseous all the time and causes gastrointestinal upset. You do get used to it (I went up to 2000mg) but doctors really are divided about whether it is beneficial or not.
    Have you spoken to the doctor about clomiphene citrate or tamoxifen? These work directly on the hormones and have a higher success rate.
    Let me know how you get on.

  3. Sarah B(4419)

    Im on metformin now for gestational diabetes i take 3 x 500 a day along with around 50mls of insulin injections a day and if i feel any side effect its like heart palps or i feel spaced out lioe on drugs abit lol is this the side effect you get? Snd cannnot help preg wise as i am already 36 weeks friday but good luck xx

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Get the diabetes handbook here: http://bit.ly/2BbAdzK Do Not Eat These Foods If You Have Diabetes.

What Can You Eat If You Have Diabetes? Foods To Eat & Avoid

Through twenty-five years of working with people with diabetes, when they come in for diabetes education, their first question is most often “What can I eat (or drink).” The next question is often, “What can’t I eat (or drink)? In this article, we will explore what foods are best to eat when you have just been diagnosed with Pre-Diabetes, and Type 2 Diabetes, and what foods are best avoided. Quick Links (click to jump to specific section) There is no other guide available on the internet that will guide you through the best foods to choose, and the best foods to avoid. Take heed, as some foods in the American diet are detrimental. These are also the same foods that Americans are addicted to. On occasion, you will be able to eat from the foods to avoid list, such as on a holiday, or your birthday. It shouldn’t become a regular occurrence to eat foods that are best avoided if you have Pre-Diabetes or Type 2 Diabetes. Also, eating healthier throughout your lifespan, can prevent Pre-Diabetes and Type 2 Diabetes from ever surfacing at all. Starting to eat a healthy diet can help you to reverse your Pre-Diabetes, along with regular physical activity, and sometimes medication (m Continue reading >>

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  1. rayki818

    I am on a new confusing journey....I was just recently told that my triglycerides are 1611 when a normal level is below 150. I have started a keto diet and my doctor prescribed me a weight loss pill. I'm in need of support and ideas for being Keto. I started October 15th with the phentermine at 190lbs. I am currently at 173.8lbs my body is in ketosis. If anybody has any tips I really need them. I've been on the Keto diet for one week. I have had the "keto flu" and miserable but I have pushed through. I am only 26 but I don't want to have high level triglycerides for the rest of my life and hereditary is speaking differently.
    I need friends on mfp to help keep me motivated because this is something I have to do. I don't want to die of heart disease.
    -Rachel K

  2. BaldheadSlick

    I'm not on Keto, but normally my diet resembles a low-carb/high fat plan with few processed foods. My triglyceride levels over the last few years has been very low and I've stayed eating this way (except for my current plan where I'm experimenting with high-carb days while working out a specific way).
    I'd recommend that you keep pushing through with the keto, have your blood checked again and see if it's working. If it is, I think you'll be hooked and more motivated. People wonder how my triglyceride and LDL levels are so low with all of the fat that I eat and I just laugh as no one wants to listen, and they keep taking their nutrition advice from the 11 o'clock news.

  3. pltjess

    I've been ketoing for three months. Just got my own tests back and they're normal.
    Go ahead and add me if you'd like! My diary is open, though I tend to stick to 40g net carbs, which is a bit higher than a lot of people do on keto.
    For the flu, drink lots of broths. It seriously helps.
    The longer you stay in keto, seriously, the easier it gets! I pass up pie, cookies, and cake like nothing. Sure, I still drool a little, but I don't feel that huge craving any longer. You can do this!

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Check out some quick meal planning tips for those of you don't know where to begin or who straight up HATE to do it! Thanks so much for watching! HUGS, Katie LET'S BE FRIENDS... *Instagram: KatieSott *Snapchat: Ksotty *Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/katie.sottile *Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/ksottile/ Watch More: Speed Clean With Me // Dining Room, Living Room and Kitchen https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bOO8S... Budget Friendly Grocery Haul // Feed a Family of 4 on Less Than $80 per week! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Om39y... MY FIRST VLOG- Coffee addict, Friends quotes and Mommy life! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bGzUq...

Diabetes Type 2 - Meal Planning

Your main focus is on keeping your blood sugar (glucose) level in your target range. To help manage your blood sugar, follow a meal plan that has: Food from all the food groups Fewer calories About the same amount of carbohydrates at each meal and snack Healthy fats Along with healthy eating, you can help keep your blood sugar in target range by maintaining a healthy weight. Persons with type 2 diabetes are often overweight. Losing just 10 pounds (4.5 kilograms) can help you manage your diabetes better. Eating healthy foods and staying active (for example, 30 to 60 minutes of walking per day) can help you meet and maintain your weight loss goal. HOW CARBOHYDRATES AFFECT BLOOD SUGAR Carbohydrates in food give your body energy. You need to eat carbohydrates to maintain your energy. But carbohydrates also raise your blood sugar higher and faster than other kinds of food. The main kinds of carbohydrates are starches, sugars, and fiber. Learn which foods have carbohydrates. This will help with meal planning so that you can keep your blood sugar in your target range. MEAL PLANNING FOR CHILDREN WITH TYPE 2 DIABETES Meal plans should consider the amount of calories children need to grow. I Continue reading >>

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Popular Questions

  1. doirinne

    How long does it take METFORMIN to help me lose weight?

    I have been diagnosed with insulin resistance Nov 2011. Taking METFORMIN, HCL ER 2000mg (since 11/4/11 worked my way up to full dose). Been on full dose for 2.5 weeks now. No weight loss. I am keeping total daily carbs under 45grams per day. Total calories < 1400. PROTEIN = 60-80GRAMS PER DAY. Diet controlled w/dietician every 6 weeks. I work out 5x per week, 45 mins each time = 50/50 cardio/strength training. Drink 8 glasses of water per day. I am very frustrated. How long does full dose of MET 2000mg take to lose any weight? My endo says he feels I can lose 10 lbs by the follow up appt 2/3/12. I haven't lose one ounce yet. PLEASE HELP. DEE
    Added 15 Dec 2011:
    ps I just read somewhere that I should be taking my metformin with full glass of water. I have not been doing that. Just enough water to get the pills down. Also once or twice a week I will have a glass of sugar free lemonade w/ 1.5 oz of flavored vodka (zero sugar, BUT 6-8 total carbs). Could this interfere w/metformins' effect to help the insulin resistance??????
    Added 15 Dec 2011:
    pps the carbs I consume are 99% from vegetables, either green leafy or steamed/frozen

  2. Delila

    Hi, as you probably know, metformin aids weight loss by reducing your natural instinct of hunger, so you eat less. So it is really down to you to loose the weight by eating healthily which it sounds that you are. To be honest i would have expected you to have lost some weight already... there are foods which can hinder you weight loss, such as foods that increase your blood sugar levels, so you need to be aware of these. I am going to add a link to a website that lists the things you should/should not be doing whilst taking the metformin, including dietary suggestions. I hope you see some results soon.

  3. MO mouawim

    Hi, i am healthy and completely well-balanced with no health problem. i take contraceptive pills. would like to loose around 5KG. Can i take glucofage to help me in the process? thank you

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