What Are Good Snack Foods For Diabetics

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5 Delicious And Healthy Snacks For Diabetics

Diabetes is a chronic disease that affects an estimated 50 million people in our country. According to the Diabetes Foundation of India (DFI), this figure is likely to go up to 80 million by 2025, making India the 'Diabetes Capital' of the world. Diabetes requires life-long management and control. Certain lifestyle changes and a strict diet can help curb further health hazards. Nutritionists often recommend that diabetics should eat small and frequent meals to keep their blood sugar levels in check. Therefore, it is important to sneak in some healthy snacks between your meals. According to Nutritionist Dr. Rupali Dutta, 'Diabetics should have snacks that are rich in protein, full of fiber and whole grains and low in fat. If a person is on a 1400-calorie diet, he or she must have snacks with 100-150 calories and not more than that. This may include besan ka cheela, a piece or two of paneer, a piece of cheese, low calorie popcorn, sprouts or one fruit which does not include banana, chikoo or mango. You should eat foods that are low on the glycemic index." Dietitian Lokendra Tomar from Weight Loss Clinic in New Delhi agrees, "Diabetics must have snacks that are extremely low on the gl Continue reading >>

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Popular Questions

  1. Tick41

    Those who have gone through the process of adapting to full on ketosis, did you experience any increased anxiety during the process?
    I've also started new herbs which could be contributing to anxiety as well. But was curious if those who have gone through ketosis have had any symptoms like bad anxiety (bad feeling in chest) etc.

  2. Dahlias

    Interesting question. I am not in ketosis, but I stopped all grains, sugar and most carbs suddenly after some scary symptoms about two weeks ago. I went back on antibiotics at the same time. I am now experiencing intense anxiety and panic attacks for the first time in my life. I've been assuming the anxiety is either a regular symptom or a herx.

  3. Tick41

    I have narrowed it down to lyme (anxiety was a prior symptom), a herx since I have begun some new herbs (brings out that old symptom), or my body adapting to keto. it always passes! no matter how bad it is
    Lyme symptoms since 2013. Positive IGM bands 23/41 through LLMD August 2016. Myco positive,EBV and other viruses as well.
    Currently taking herbs for treatment of lyme. full on keto diet currently.
    Herbs- B-Vital (energy),AB5T (adrenal support) Mixed EFAS (inflammation /chronic fatigue), PHYTOLYMEX (lyme recovery), Yeast #8 nosode (candida), methylfolate (mthfr),Lexapro (will get off soon)

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