What Are Good Snack Foods For Diabetics

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Healthy Snacks For Diabetics

Choosing the correct snacks can help diabetics remain healthy and avoid any further health complications. For those with diabetes, keeping blood sugar levels at bay through a well-balanced diet is paramount to maintaining wellness and preventing further health complications. When blood sugar levels are increased due to excess fat and calories in one’s diet, it can lead to serious conditions like hyperglycemia, heart disease, venostatis and nerve damage resulting in things such as diabetic ulcers. Snacks are a good way to keep blood sugar levels in check between meals, which may be especially necessary for those who have to go long periods without eating due to work. But it’s important for diabetics to choose the right snacks so glucose levels stay reasonable, and so they receive proper nourishment via vitamins and minerals as well. Here is a list of healthy foods that diabetics can snack on to stay healthy: Avocados These fruits are high in fiber and are a good source of heart healthy unsaturated fats. According to the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics,avocados can lower cholesterol and can reduce risks of developing heart disease, as mentioned in Diabetic Living Online. These Continue reading >>

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  1. K-Jay

    Best Keto Calculator

    Hey guys, where can I find the best calculator to give me my macronutrient ratios for a keto diet for a 200lb man with 20%BF?

  2. philip41

    Originally Posted by K-Jay
    Hey guys, where can I find the best calculator to give me my macronutrient ratios for a keto diet for a 200lb man with 20%BF?

    Hi there, have you tried Fitday.com that is what i used.

  3. rtmiii

    I dont remember who posted this the other day, but here it is based on a Lean Body Mass of 176 (220 * .2)
    LBM of 176
    180 * 4 / 0.3 = 2346 (total calorie intake for Keto)
    2436 * .3 = 704 calories of protein
    2436 * .65 = 1583 calories of fat
    2436 *.05 = 122 calories of carbs

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