Theresa May Diabetes Diet

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Theresa May Diagnosed With Type 1 Diabetes

The Home Secretary Theresa May says she is 'getting on with it' after her diagnosis with Type 1 diabetes. She was diagnosed two months ago and must now inject herself with insulin at least twice a day for the rest of her life, she told the Mail on Sunday. Mrs May's recent weight loss had been taken by some as proof of a style makeover in preparation for a future leadership bid, but the Maidenhead MP told the newspaper that the illness was partly to blame. She said: "The diabetes doesn't affect how I do the job or what I do. It's just part of life . . . so it's a case of head down and getting on with it." "It was a real shock and, yes, it took me a while to come to terms with it. "It started last November. I'd had a bad cold and cough for quite a few weeks. I went to my GP and she did a blood test which showed I'd got a very high sugar level - that's what revealed the diabetes. She added that the signs had been hard to spot, saying: "The symptoms are tiredness, drinking a lot of water, losing weight, but it's difficult to isolate things. I was drinking a lot of water. But I do anyway. "There was weight loss but then I was already making an effort to be careful about diet and to get Continue reading >>

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  1. pecklez

    I was diagnosed with PCOS/insulin resistance 15 years ago and have been cutting carbohydrates to loose weight on and off ever since. The reason I decided to try this diet is because I have grown tired of high protein, low carbohydrate diets, and the feeling of deprivation they give me, so I was hoping this strategy of eating would allow me the variety I crave in my diet. I’m also very social and hate to be the girl who can’t eat the cake at every party. If I do the 5:2 fasting, do I still need to cut carbs on non fast days to see weight loss?

  2. Clare

    Hi pecklez, a sense of constant deprivation gets a bit depressing can definitely chip away at your will power to persist with a diet! In answer to your question about cutting carbs on the non fast days, as a rule reduce them if you can, but dont worry about the odd indulgences. In terms of indulgence, it is Ok to use a bit of healthy fat, like olive oil, to help make food more palatable eg in dressings for salads etc. Fat has little effect on insulin resistance as it is metabolised differently. Do keep let us know how you get on. Your insulin resistance associated with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome is likely to respond well to intermittent fasting. Hopefully other associated symptoms will improve too. All the best and I hope this diet works for you. Clare, Mike’s wife (I’m also a GP)

  3. pecklez

    Ok. Thank you for the clarification Clare. I will keep you posted.

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