Steroid Induced Diabetes Diet

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Diabetes Management In Cancer Patients

Hyperglycemia is a common challenge during cancer treatment and palliation. In addition, many patients with pre-existing type 1 or type 2 diabetes undergoing cancer treatment develop iatrogenic hyperglycemia with unique features. The most common example is steroid-induced hyperglycemia,[1] but several other scenarios are common and clinically important (Table 1). Special considerations are often necessary regarding standard lifestyle recommendations, optimal choice of antidiabetic drug (Table 2), and goals of therapy.[2] In patients with active cancer, the focus of hyperglycemia management shifts from preventing long-term complications toward avoiding acute and subacute outcomes, such as dehydration from polyuria, infection, catabolic weight loss, hyperosmolar nonketotic states (HNK), and diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA; Table 3).[3,4] It should be noted that the truly emergent conditions HNK and DKA are rare. The more common scenario of an asymptomatic severe elevation in blood glucose level (> 400 mg/dL, for example), although requiring a treatment plan with good hydration and close follow-up, does not typically require an emergency room visit or admission. Two representative clinical Continue reading >>

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  1. Lgit

    Can you become a diabetic due to prednisone?

    I was on it for two months and it elevated my blood sugar. It's been two weeks since I've been off of it. I'm now on diabetic pills and strict diet but I fear that I've been pushed into drug induced diabetes. Has anyone experienced this? Does your system eventually go back to normal or am I a diabetic now? I think the longer I take diabetic medicine, my body will become dependent on it and I'll never get off of it

  2. SU

    It depends.
    Usually steroid induced diabetes goes away once treatment with prednisone is stopped.
    However if you were unknowingly in the process of developing diabetes before you started the prednisone then the process will be precipitated in which case it will not go away.

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