Snack Foods For Diabetics

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Does Metformin Affect Wound Healing – 266954

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  1. shellyb1203

    I have seen "reports" that metformin can be useful to weight loss.
    I have only been on Metformin for almost a week. 500mg/day (start taking that dsg twice a day starting tomorrow). Digestion seems ok...just ...ahem...going more often. No serious effects that should attribute to weight loss. But I can definitely say that my appetite has been "curbed" in a sense. No real cravings for "crap" food or to eat as much. Seems like there is a "limit" and if there is too much then there is defintely a sense of nausea. I have wanted more water though, which is a good thing. But I cannot attribute the water desire to the Metformin or possibly the fact that it is very humid hot outside right now. SO I guess I will see what happens.
    But has anyone experienced weight loss on Metformin? If so, how long did it take to notice it and did it stay consistant or stall out after a time?

  2. zimmersdreamer

    I had lost about 40lbs... (but i also started birthcontrol that had made me sick to my stomach also, when I stopped the BC i still had the stomach problems of MET but could actually eat) if you take it 20-30 min before a meal, with a large glass of water, i feel like its made me less hungry. the stomach problems do go away after about a month or so, it was a little discouraging because the weight started to creep back on. I am on 1000mg/day in 2 doses. for PCOS.
    please understand that my "results are not typical" as my DR says, because i was so sick with the BC... but yes it can help.
    i do Find myself craving carbs less, if that helps too.

  3. Vyxxin18

    First, I cannot speak first hand...but second hand. My mother was put on it and she lost a ton of weight. It made her very sick though, and she had bad vomiting/diarhea. She went from over 200lbs to about 125lbs. So yes, there are many studies that show it causes (if not directly) weight loss.
    In resonsponse to zimmersdreamer...my younger sister was prescribed that for PCOS as well. Can you tell me your results with that so that I may pass it along? If you haven't been on it long...your results so far and maybe update now and again? She's only 19 but wants children some day...however isn't sure about medicating for it. Thanks

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