Raw Food Diet Diabetes Documentary

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Healing With Raw Food

Healing with raw food, losing weight, and detoxing. Read the stories below of four people who were diagnosed with Diabetes Type II. They were told by their doctors that this horrible disease is not curable. In November 2007, thebestofrawfood interviewed them at the Tree Of Life in Israel. In this retreat, Gabriel Cousens - one of the most respected living raw food diet gurus - runs a pilot for diabetes. The results are ridiculous! It proofs that healing with raw food is possible! Within a week! A man with 20 years history of diabetes and a woman with blood sugar levels as high as 700 could throw away their medication within ONE week of green juice fasting... And as a bonus, they also lost weigh and detoxed... Nissim's story 20 years ago, Nissim was diagnosed with diabetes. He tried all the medication to get rid of it. He always looked for the best professors, and newest medication. His fasting blood sugar was always around 300. Since nothing else helped and he decided to give Tree of Life Juice Fasting Program a chance. He was quite sceptic when he started, but the two detox weeks were a miracle. On the first day he got rid of his medication. After 4 days his blood sugar values whe Continue reading >>

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  1. Dawnnie

    Cure Diabetes in 30 days with Raw Food.

    For those of you who are type 2, you might find this trailer on a 30 day raw food diet documentary very interesting. Type 1 can benefit as well. I myself did a 3 week raw food diet/cleanse and ate nothing but raw foods for 2 weeks straight followed by 3 1/2 days of juice fasting and my sugars where awesome! My energy was awesome!
    Copy and paste in your web browser to see a short trailer on the documentary.

  2. Dawnnie

    My intention was not to upset the DC community! It was merely for information purposes only! I have been dealing with diabetes for a year now and not wanting to except it, so I have been looking for ways to heal myself. As I stated in my first post, I ate raw foods for 2 weeks straight and saw and felt a big difference. I was diagnosed as type 2 in the beginning by an internist but saw an endocrinologist a few months later to tell me I was in the "honeymoon stage" of type 1. Can't believe it when I got my A1c from a 10 to 6.2 in just 3 months with diet and exercise. To me my pancreas is trying to heal itself. I believe whole heartedly in holistic remedies and avoid doctors and pharmacueticals (sp?) at all cost!

  3. jayabee52

    Cure? Please define what YOU mean by "cure!"

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