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Why Gestational Diabetes Is On The Rise

Gestational diabetes cases are soaring, and you (as well as your baby) might be at risk without even knowing it. Find out gestational diabetes symptoms and diet. Gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM), or high blood sugar during pregnancy, used to be relatively rare, occurring in about 3 percent to 4 percent of pregnancies. But in recent years, the rate has doubled—now, up to 6 percent to 8 percent of moms-to-be are diagnosed with this prenatal complication. And new recommendations lowering the cutoff point for diagnosis may lead to an even more dramatic increase. If these new guidelines from an international panel of 50 experts are adopted in the United States, 16 percent of pregnant women may hear the words, "You have gestational diabetes." In women with GDM, excess glucose (blood sugar) passes from the mother's bloodstream through the placenta. Serious pregnancy complications include preeclampsia (a serious high blood pressure condition that can be fatal), preterm delivery and delivery of overweight babies, often via Cesarean section. Some 70 percent to 80 percent of women diagnosed with GDM in the United States eventually develop type II diabetes. New research is showing that GD Continue reading >>

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  1. AddictedtoCatFace

    I have been on and off keto for about a year now. Started at 5'10 and 210 and down to 165. I normally eat a vegan diet and have no problem getting and maintaining and erection. I've noticed though when I'm deep into Keto that I feel great, no brain fog and lots of energy but I've been have issues keeping an erection or in general getting turned on without direct stimuli. I've researched around and it seems other people have experienced this as well.
    I'm wondering if I may just be too low of carb. I am thinking about integrating some healthy carbs back into my diet such as beans or something of that sort. My conundrum is like sex and have a partner that does too but I also do not what to go out of keto as I feel confident, out going, and generally great while on it.
    If anyone has had this and found anything to help please let me know! Thank you.
    UPDATE: (maybe NSFW but i'll try to keep it G rated): First of all if you have never eaten a meatless / dairy free diet do not ask someone who is if they are getting enough protein. There is a thing called google if you truly care then research, there are tons of resources and books on the subject, but I highly honestly don't think you will. Protip: maybe ask about B12, as it's hard to find in a vegan diet, I take supplements just incase because it can wreck havoc if you are deficient though it's very hard to be deficient in it.
    Now the possibly NSFW part(tl;dr at end): So took the advice of ate a little more, took double dose of vit d(even though I get a good amount of sun here in Southern OR), and put a little carbs in(split a can of chili with my SO). Usually I am around the lower end of 30-50 carbs. I upped it to about 75. Last night had a little fun time with the lady(she also having a harder time getting aroused). It went well but was still sort of a weaker erection than the norm. So I wake up at 5 am with a cat head and paw resting on my erection. I move him off and spoon him instead trying to go back to sleep. My SO wakes up to pee, feeling a bit sick(sore throat, not sure from carbs or coincidence as it happened while integrating more). I tell her I can't sleep and tell her whats going on and that I'm going to relieve said erection. I pee and waste some time browsing reddit/check email all while still maintaining. This started at 6:00 am. About 6:20 I'm like, "oh yeah I need to take care of this". 6:40 business handled but still erect. Stayed that way until about 7:00 am, as I wrote this it started going down... guess my brain needed to borrow some power.
    TL;DR: Increased calories, vit d, and carbs. Woke up with cat cuddling erection. Maintained for 2 hours.

  2. erixsparhawk

    Calorie issue! Just one day a week with a massive keto refeed where you stuff yourself with fat and protein. Will fix your libido problem.

  3. anbeav

    Yup, high deficits will kill libido

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