Outline Why A Carbohydrate Controlled Diet Is Important In Preventing Raised Blood Glucose Levels

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Understanding Advanced Carbohydrate Counting — A Useful Tool For Some Patients To Improve Blood Glucose Control

Today’s Dietitian Vol. 15 No. 12 P. 40 Suggested CDR Learning Codes: 2070, 3020, 5190, 5460; Level 3 Take this course and earn 2 CEUs on our Continuing Education Learning Library Click here for patient handout Carbohydrate, whether from sugars or starches, has the greatest impact on postprandial blood sugar levels compared with protein and fat. For this reason, carbohydrate counting has become a mainstay in diabetes management and education. Patients with type 1 or 2 diabetes benefit from carbohydrate counting in terms of improvements in average glucose levels,1,2 quality of life,2,3 and treatment satisfaction.3 Basic carbohydrate counting is used to keep blood glucose levels consistent, while advanced carbohydrate counting helps with calculating insulin dose. Both basic and advanced carbohydrate counting give people with diabetes the freedom to choose the foods they enjoy while keeping their postprandial blood glucose under control. This continuing education course introduces advanced carbohydrate counting as a tool for improving blood glucose management, evaluates basic and advanced carbohydrate counting, describes good candidates for advanced carbohydrate counting, and discuss Continue reading >>

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  1. Sujaya

    > Metformin, Fat, and LC Problems

    About a month ago, I was diagnosed as being severely insulin resistant and recently started Metformin to help control it. Let me preface this by saying that I had been LC for most of the summer/fall, but slipped up a bit. No real excuse, just stress and all that.
    So a few days before I started the Metformin, I started back on LC. My doctor, who herself eats a very LC diet and advocates for it, told me that for me, it probably wasn't such a good idea, because high fat and Metformin can often lead to....accident problems, if you get my drift, along with other more dangerous problems. She put me on something called the "Mogul Protocol" which is essentially low glycemic index fruits, high fiber veg, some dairy, plenty of protein, and a few starches. It is naturally carb limiting, but not as restrictive as regular LC.
    Being as LC has been the only way I've lost weight in the past, I was hesitant to switch to the new way of eating, so I've kept eating LC. That was, until yesterday. I started feeling dizzy, nauseous, started running a temperature. It got to the point where I was apparently slurring my words and talking incoherently. Boyfriend insisted I get to the ER, which we did.
    I get there and I'm severely reprimanded by the ER doctor, who told me that eating a high-fat, LC diet with absolutely no starches is going to make me very sick on Metformin. I've read about so many people on here who are LC and take Metformin that I was encouraged, but he told me that everyone reacts differently to this med, and the dosage I'm on (1000mg 2x/day) is not good for as LC as I was keeping (under 30 per day).
    So now I'm kind of bummed. I came home today and added some starches back in small amounts, following the plan they gave me and I feel a million times better, but I'm afraid I'm going to start gaining weight. My regular doctor assures me she's been prescribing this for years with Metformin and only a handful of patients (who didn't follow the plan) failed to lose weight.
    Its not that I'm not happy to be able to eat the occasional sandwich, or have corn or potatoes again, but the mentality switch for me is really hard to adjust to.

  2. Nancy LC

    It sounds like just another uneducated doctor preaching doom and gloom about LC. Like you have said, there are loads of folks here eating LC on Metformin. What're are your BG's like when you're doing Met and LC?

  3. rightnow

    Metformin depletes B12, I've seen in reading online, you might want to supplement with it.
    I've seen lots of people online who ate LC and took metformin. This is the first I've heard about there allegedly being some contraindication for it. You might see if you can find some of those people with searches.

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