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Pcos Strategies: Will I Lose Weight With Metformin?

Weight loss is important for women who are fighting Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, or PCOS, because excess weight can cause complications that make this condition worse.1 This disorder is often accompanied by Insulin Resistance, which can lead to weight gain because it causes excess blood sugar and insulin to float through the bloodstream.1 Therefore, PCOS weight loss is an important part of improving this condition. Can Medication Contribute to Weight Loss? PCOS drugs are designed to address the core issues of the condition: Insulin Resistance and a hormonal imbalance. One of these drugs, Metformin, actually causes women to lose weight. Also known as Glucophage, this pharmaceutical promotes weight loss at a price; the side effects that are associated with this medication range from mild to severe. In an effort to lose weight, PCOS sufferers may take this drug anyway. The Risk Involved Metformin poses many risks, which commonly include:2 Increased sweating and thirst Muscle pain Fever Chills Weakness Heart palpitations Lightheadedness Dizziness Difficulty breathing Abnormal stools Nail problems Flushing (this occurs when the skin, particularly that of the face, turns red) Additional Continue reading >>

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  1. AllisonR

    How long did it take for you to see results, if any? I was put on it this week, and I would like to have regular periods again and/or combined weigh loss coupled with exercise and a healthy diet.

  2. treowth

    I started taking Metformin at the end of October and saw my specialist again in January - by that point all my hormones were within the 'normal' range and ten days ago I had my first non-norethisterone driven period.... I was shocked.
    I'm exercising regularly too.
    I was lucky enough to have no side effects too.
    Good luck with it


    Personally I wasn't able to take it. Made me sooooo sick past the 2 week grace period. I never really saw results from it. I'm one of the rare ones that don't though.

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