How To Use Diet To Maintain Blood Sugar Levels

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The 4 Foods That Will Steady Your Blood Sugar

Wondering what blood sugar has to do with you, if you don’t have diabetes? Keeping your blood sugar levels as steady as possiblenow may help you avoid getting diabetes later. “As you get older, your risk for type 2 diabetes goes up,” says Alissa Rumsey, Registered Dietitian and Spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. “Since you can’t modify your age, it is important to take other steps to lower your risk, including maintaining a healthy weight, getting enough exercise, and balancing your diet to prevent spikes in blood sugar.” Controlling your blood sugar will also just make you feel better. “It’s best to control blood sugar—it keeps your energy stable,” says Leann Olansky, M.D., an endocrinologist at the Cleveland Clinic. “If your blood sugar doesn’t vary that much before and after a meal, that’s a healthier way to be.” Unrelated to diabetes, symptoms of occasional high blood sugar aren’t life-threatening, but rather unpleasant and only potentially dangerous if you suffer from other health problems. “When your blood sugar is too high, it can make you feel sluggish,” says Dr. Olansky. “When it’s higher still, it can lead to deh Continue reading >>

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  1. 1049jess

    Just curious to know if anyone has had success with weight loss and Metformin?
    I'm currently takiing 1000 mg 2x/day. I don't know if it's helping my weight loss, but I don't think it's hurting it at all... especially now that I'm limiting sugars.

  2. kaplods

    My doctor told me it might help a little with weight loss, and I think it did/does, but the effect isn't dramatic.
    When my husband first started taking it, it made him nauseous for the first week or so (which isn't a fun way to reduce appetite, but an effective one).
    Neither of us can say what we would or wouldn't have lost without it.
    A while back (but at least a year or two after starting metformin), I had to go a few days without the metformin, and WOW I was a LOT more hungry. I think because metformin tends to level out your blood sugar, you don't get as hungry because the blood sugar drops and insulin spikes are muted as well.
    Just my guess though. As a tool, I think it's helping but I don't think it would do much if anything, if I weren't also being careful with my diet, but hey, every little bit helps.
    Most of my changes have been extremely tiny. So small, that I hardly feel like I've made any, because I made them so slowly. It meant slow weight loss, but I love that I never felt like I was "on a diet" or depriving myself in any way.
    I'm now at a stage where I may have to make more dramatic changes, and I'm finding that more intimidating, but it's all one step in front of the other..

  3. g35

    I was diagnosed with PCOS in 1998 and have been on metformin intermittently ever since. Quite honestly, I have stopped taking it on numerous occassions because it has absolutely no effect on me - weightloss or otherwise. I'm back on it for the umptheenth time, and still cannot tell a difference.

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