How To Cure Type 2 Diabetes Naturally Diet

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Why A Natural Approach To Treating Type 2 Diabetes Beats Medicine

When I recently read the American Diabetes Association's 2013 Standards of Medical Care for Type 2 Diabetes, I found many extremely alarming guidelines. Foremost is the complete over-reliance on the pharmaceutical management of diabetes and its complications, along with a complete absence of recommendations for use of critical nutritional support. The major shortcoming of pharmaceutical interventions in Type 2 diabetes is that they don't impact the progression of the disease, and in many cases actually accelerate the underlying disease process and increase mortality. Yet this approach is the only one offered by conventional medicine. The key issue that's not addressed by the ADA or other conventional medical groups dealing with diabetes is that drugs are only biochemical band-aids. There is one fundamental truth that is rarely explained to the patient: Type 2 diabetes in almost every case is a disease caused by diet and lifestyle. Findings from the U.S. government’s Third National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES III) clearly support this statement. Of individuals with type 2 diabetes, 69% did not exercise at all or did not engage in regular exercise; 62% ate fewer Continue reading >>

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  1. Guest jamieileana

    sO I just started on Metformin 500 mgs regular acting.
    I am only on 1/4 of that, LOL, and working my way up to avoid side effects, hopefully anyways.
    When I do get to the full 500 how long will it take to help lower my blood sugar and if its going
    to how long to lose any weight?
    I'm so stuck in this weight pattern i'm so sick of it.
    Dispite any good eating I do I cannot drop one single pound, nothing, nada, elzippo...
    The good thing is that i'm not gaining either though so GOOD! :thumbsup:

  2. Guest jamieileana

    i HAVE SOMEthing else to ask about Metformin:
    I've been reading and I read that Blood sugar goes up after you stop taking it.
    If that is the case then why start it for only a while if that is going to happen?
    My Dr. suggested I take it till I lose weight then I can get off it.
    If I lose weight on then get off it will the weight come back?
    If I lose weight when on it and it lowers my BS will it go up after I get off it
    and level back down or stay up?
    Too many questions I know but if those are the cases then I dont think I want to take it.
    Also alot of people on here said they had bad diarrhea on it that never went away.
    How common is that?
    Have others had it go away?
    I hope to hear good things from others, or at least the truth.

  3. foxl

    It ca ntake 3 - 4 weeks for it to "kick in." I never noticed when it started working ... but I started it with actos, and also began low-carbing, so hard to say.
    About 10% of people have GI side effects. I never had ANY. My endo switched me to the XR formula, and I only even noticed (on the bottle label!) after a month!

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