How Many Calories Should You Eat On A Keto Diet?

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How Many Calories Should I Eat On A Keto Diet?

My personal experience: I ate 4 eggs for breakfast and a can of tuna. In an hour I was out of ketosis. Also, proteins are the only macro nutrient (carbs, proteins, fats) that contain nitrogen. That's why the kidneys have to work really hard in case of to many proteins. Do not eat more than 1,5g of protein per kg of body mass unless you are a body builder. The unhealthy kind of fat is hidrogenated fat. It can be found in some vegetable oils and in margarine. Animal fat and unsaturated fats from cold pressed oils are OK. According to your body weight you would be OK with about 120-180 g of fat daily. What you should eat is a little wider question, but in general. Do get all the aminoacids in. There is a site I use, about nutrition facts. The example in the links is for very useful, because it has info on the type of aminoacids in the food aswell. I would recommend about 70-100 g of proteins daily. You should eat enough fibers. Mushrooms and leafy green vegetables are ideal sources of fiber. You can eat nuts, but stay away from cashew nuts. You can eat most types of berries. You can't eat fruit. You can eat most cheeses, but it's not wise to drink milk. Also, stay away from: potatoes, Continue reading >>

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  1. [deleted]

    Ok, so here's a question I have, that I can't find the answer to in the FAQ...
    Once you are fat-adapted, do you intentionally drop your dietary fat intake down and rely on body fat being utilized to make up the difference?
    Are successful Keto diets generally eating a monitored calorie deficit for their fats, or just eating fat to satiety?
    Probably both?
    I understand the first part of the Keto diet for losing fat - get into nutritional ketosis. I just don't understand the second part. I assume that it is possible to overeat fats and put on weight, so do most people still count calories?
    If so, is the major advantage over traditional dieting that it is easier to say no to food Or is it that it that you can maintain energy in a caloric deficit. Edit:Or is it muscle preservation while dieting?
    If this is answered in the FAQ's or elsewhere, thanks in advance for links.

  2. ketogirlde

    Not counting calories is often referred to as "lazy keto" around here, you can search that for experiences. It works best for morbidly obese men - the less you have to lose and the smaller you are, the less leeway you have.
    If so, is the major advantage over traditional dieting that it is easier to say no to food Or is it that it that you can maintain energy in a caloric deficit.
    The latter. Eating low-carb is satiating and it is easier to maintain a deficit without blood sugar ups and downs. This is the case whether or not you count calories. However, for people who don't have a lot to lose, are prone to binge eating, or have a history of food abuse, those satiety effects are often not strong enough to negate the need for counting calories.

  3. Scarykidscaringkids

    Yup, I'm 130 pound and not aiming to lose much more but as I used to have an ED I feel a strong need to count calories still. Not counting can result in bingeing and that scares me. I'm hoping one day to rely completely on just my hunger but I still can't trust it yet.

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