High Blood Sugar Diet

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Proven Tips & Strategies To Bring High Blood Sugar Down (quickly)

Untreated, high blood sugar can cause many problems and future complications. Recognizing signs of high blood sugar levels and knowing how to lower them can help you prevent these complications and increase the quality and length of your life. Topics covered (click to jump to specific section) High blood sugar level symptoms and signs Symptoms of high blood sugar include: Increased thirst Tired all the time Irritability Increased hunger Urinating a lot Dry mouth Blurred vision Severe high blood sugar can lead to nausea and fruity smelling breath The signs and symptoms for high blood sugar are the same for both type 1 and type 2. Signs usually show up quicker in those who have type 1 because of the nature of their diabetes. Type 1 is an autoimmune disease that causes the body to stop making insulin altogether. Type 2 is caused by lifestyle factors when the body eventually stops responding to insulin, which causes the sugar to increase slowly. People with type 2 can live longer without any symptoms creeping because their body is still making enough insulin to help control it a little bit. What causes the blood sugar levels go to high? Our bodies need sugar to make energy for the cell Continue reading >>

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  1. PeeWeeMerman

    With the new year and new keto-ers, I'd like for you to learn from my mistake. I used to pay close attention to my macro ratios. DON'T. They don't matter.
    You're looking at GRAMS. The only way those ratios the keto calculator spits out are accurate are if you eat exactly at the number of recommended calories every day. If you eat more, you may go over the amount of protein you should be eating in a day when you keep the ratio. If you eat less, you won't get enough protein.
    1) Meet your protein goal. Don't exceed it or come in under it.
    2) Stay under your carb limit.
    3) Use fat for the rest. You could have lower fat or higher fat days, depending on how much of a deficit you're working with. There is no number to hit.
    Do not stick to the ratios. You don't need to "get in enough fat." Ever.
    *Edit: I'm not saying "don't follow your macros." Macros are critical! I'm saying don't measure your macros in percentages. The RATIO doesn't matter. The grams are what count. The ratio is variable and therefore unreliable to use as your guideline.

  2. ctuck239

    Carbs are a limit to stay below
    Protein is a goal to make you grow
    Fat is the fuel so you're not slow
    ...or something like that, credit /u/rickamore (I believe)

  3. rickamore

    You nailed it!

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