Good Bedtime Snack For Diabetics

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Impact Of Bedtime Snack Composition On Prevention Of Nocturnal Hypoglycemia In Adults With Type 1 Diabetes Undergoing Intensive Insulin Management Using Lispro Insulin Before Meals

OBJECTIVE—To determine the impact of four bedtime (HS) snack compositions on nocturnal glycemic control, including frequency of hypoglycemia (<4 mmol/l) and morning hyperglycemia (>10 mmol/l), in adults with type 1 diabetes using lispro insulin before meals and NPH insulin at bedtime. RESEARCH DESIGN AND METHODS—Substitutions of 15 g carbohydrate (one starch exchange) for an equivalent amount of uncooked cornstarch or pure protein were compared to a standard snack (control: two starch + one protein exchange) and to no snack (placebo) in 15 adults using a randomized, cross-over design. All snacks were equivalent in kcal, fat, and total available glucose. An intravenous facilitated hourly blood glucose sampling during the night (11:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m.). RESULTS—The glycemic level at bedtime (<7, 7–10, and >10 mmol/l) mediated the effects observed. A total of 14 hypoglycemic episodes, in 60% of patients, and 23 morning hyperglycemic episodes occurred over 50 nights. Most hypoglycemic episodes (10 of 14, 71%) occurred with no snack compared to any snack (P < 0.001) and at HS levels of <7 mmol/l (P = 0.05). The standard and protein snacks resulted in no nocturnal hypoglycemia a Continue reading >>

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  1. 1stbabyforme29

    I have PCOS and have been on Metformin for 2 weeks, does anyone have a success story?

  2. Anonymous

    I have PCOS and got pregnant literally right after I started taking Metformin (4 days!). I've heard it is very common to get pregnant within a couple months of taking Metformin. I am 5 weeks right now and am hoping everything goes well! Good luck to you too!

  3. Anonymous

    i also have severe pcos and i have been taking metformin for almost a year. i have lost over 60 pounds which was impossible before and i just took a pregnancy test yesterday and it shows postive no idea how far along , extremely excited and scared we have been trying for 5 years. the metformin is working and workng well i had a lot of intestional problem like going to the bathroom often but i hung in there and now i am doing well. keep taking the metformin it really works. i have not even takin any other meds to help get pregnant.

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