Foods To Lower Blood Sugar

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6 Foods That Lower Blood Sugar

Regulating blood sugar is important for balanced energy. It is also an important task in preventing diabetes and prediabetes. Some foods cause your blood sugar to spike, while others lower it. If you want to experience even, balanced energy or manage your blood sugar to reduce the risks associated with diabetes, foods that lower blood sugar will reward your efforts. Incorporate these foods into your diet regularly for optimal health. 1. Fatty Fish Not all fish are created equal. While all fish contains omega 3 fatty acids, some types are higher in this essential nutrient than others. The protein in fish will help you feel satisfied without raising your blood sugar levels. Opt for salmon, tuna, halibut, trout or mackerel to get the omega 3s you need for optimal health. 2. Garlic In addition to offering benefits for cardiovascular health, garlic also helps to lower your blood sugar. It has zero carbs, so you can add it to your diet freely without worrying about having your blood sugar spike. It has also been shown to lower fasting blood sugar, which is your blood sugar levels when you haven’t eaten. 3. Leafy Greens Leafy greens offer a wide array of health benefits. According to an Continue reading >>

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Popular Questions

  1. melissa1987

    How to gain weight being type 1?

    I was just wondering what foods r good to eat for being a type 1 but I wanna gain weight too? I feel to skinny :S

  2. door331

    Start a strength training program and increase your daily caloric intake. You will start gaining weight.
    Also, if you find your BGs are higher than you would like them to be then your body won't utilize the food you eat as efficiently. Fix this and eat more.

  3. MAYS

    Cherish the thinness while you can, the human body has a way of being cruel as you get older!
    Seriously, I know what it is like, I was thin until I reached 30 years of age, I was 6 feet, 2 inches weighing 175-180 lbs, then life came knocking at my door with its companions (diabetes, weight gain, and a host of others) what a party we had!
    When it was over I weighed 237 lbs, not a lot for most people, but for me way too much, I was not used to it, so I did something about it, I went back to being the person that I had known all of my life, "me."
    M y weight gain was a result of the changes within my body as a diabetic, we all react differently to having diabetes, as strange as it may seem.
    Everyone said "How can you gain so much weight?" and "How can you be a diabetic as a vegetarian?"
    The human body has a unique way of taking very good care of itself.
    Talk to your diabetes management team and a nutritionist, let them devise a plan for you with focus on your nutritional needs, be safe and healthy, never sick and sorry!

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