Foods To Gain Weight When You Are Diabetic

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How To Gain Weight If You Have Diabetes

Expert Reviewed Weight loss can be a symptom of diabetes. Because your body is unable to make use of sugar in the blood, those calories that would normally be utilized are lost. Even though you might be eating a normal amount of food, this loss of sugar and calories due to diabetes will still cause you to lose weight.[1] However, you can still work with your diabetes and maintain a healthy weight. Continue reading >>

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  1. kathyb

    Hello from Kathy B and Chase (Belgian Malinois/GSD mix, age 8-1/2) in Central Illinois, diagnosed with diabetes mellitus in November of 2013.
    After a rocky time of trying to get Chase stabilized with correct type/dosage of insulin, we have finally done that; he is taking 14.5 units of glargine insulin (Lantus) twice daily and all his blood work values have gone back to normal except alkaline phosphate, which is still a bit high but no longer at dangerous levels.
    Chase has never at any time been an overweight dog; but due to the diabetes onset he lost quite a bit of weight initially and went from about 61 to 53 lbs. My vet put him on Royal Canin Prescription Diabetic Diet, which Chase absolutely hated and only ate about half of whatever I would give him.
    In order to get him to eat it at all, I had to mix it with the canned tripe (Tripett) product he had been previously eating - but his values were not good at the time and I could find very little nutrition information out there for canine diabetes.
    I finally found a product Chase loved and would eat (and that I found nutritionally acceptable--the Royal Canin product was mostly corn and barley), it was Honest Kitchen "Zeal" (fish-based, dehydrated food).
    All Chase's blood work values went completely back to normal on this, I was able to reduce his insulin from 20.5 units twice daily to 14.5 (so far).
    What I need your help and input with is this: the Zeal product is very high-fiber, and Chase can easily eat nearly six cups per day of this without gaining very much weight, as most of it is fiber which ends up as a waste product. While he has gained back some of his lost weight by eating this, I'd really like to see him add a few more pounds.
    Is there anything I can safely add to his food that will help him gain a little more weight without also skewing his blood values that we worked so hard to stabilize?
    Prior to this I've always made my own dog food & training treats; right now Chase is still getting cooked semi-dry diced meat as occasional treats (mainly roast beef, chicken or pork).
    Could I (or should I) add some of that to his bowl as part of his meal? Or would that be a bad idea?
    Experienced input/advice would be most welcome here, thank you.
    Kathy B and Chase in Central Illinois

  2. momofdecker

    Welcome to you and Chase. I don't have a lot of advice to offer for weight gain other than the standard disclaimer that over time Chase may gain back the lost weight. As he becomes more regulated you may see the weight start to come back on.
    My boy was the opposite, we had a hard time getting him to lose weight. Near the end he had muscle mass loss and in order to combat that we added boiled shredded chicken and green beans (straight from the freezer). For him chicken and green beans had little impact on his blood glucose.
    Some have increased their dog's food by 25% until they reach the desired weight goal -- then they start to reduce until they are able to maintain the desired weight. The only thing to watch is sometimes when you increase the food you will need to adjust the insulin. If they are not balanced, and the body can't properly utilize the added food, you still will not see weight gain.
    I'm sure others will be along soon.
    Best of luck to you and Chase on this new journey of yours.

  3. jesse girl

    i am with holli if he is gaining some weight just give it some time no rush you only have to worry when the weight is not stabilized and loosing quite a bit still and it sounds like you are not in that place.
    it took my jesse 6 months to put adequate weight back on her digestive system was so delicate we could not rush it

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